Is Oslo Expensive?: My 4 Day Norway Trip Costs

Is Oslo expensive? How much does a trip to Oslo cost? Use this 4 days in Oslo budget breakdown.
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When most people think of Norway, the word “expensive” comes to mind. Despite heeding other travelers’ advice, I booked a spontaneous trip to Oslo after spotting an irresistible flight deal. I’ll be the first to admit that having a tight budget in Oslo was challenging but it’s a trip that I’m happy I got the opportunity to take. Nevertheless in order to keep my expenses low, I took drastic measures like reducing my coffee and beer consumption. I even skipped lunch regularly (more on that later) since I loaded up on free breakfast at my hotel. The good news is that I had a fantastic time exploring Oslo and I spent no money on activities or entertainment. So as you plan your trip to Oslo, use this Oslo budget breakdown as a guide, but I recommend estimating between 25-50% more than I did on food to be on the safe side. But before we dive into trip costs, here’s what you need to know about Norway as you plan your trip.

Things to Know When Planning a Trip to Norway


Norwegian is the official language of Norway but English is also widely spoken. Nearly 95% of the population in Norway speak Norwegian and there are about five million Norwegian speakers in the world.

Here are some common Norwegian phrases:

  1. Hello – Hallo, Hei, Goddag
  2. Yes – Ja
  3. No – Nei
  4. Thank you – Takk
  5. Goodbye – Ha det bra
  6. Good morning – God morgen
  7. Good night – God natt


Norwegian Krone (NOK) is the official currency of Norway.

U.S. Dollars and Euros are not accepted in Norway. Almost all establishments accept debit or credit cards. Foreign credit cards are also widely accepted, I never had a problem using my credit card at hotels, hostels and restaurants.

Tipping culture

Tipping isn’t common in Norway because it’s already included in the bill. However, if you decide to leave a tip, 5-15% is considered generous.

How much does it cost to go to Oslo?

4 Day Norway Trip Cost

How Expensive is Oslo?

Oslo vacation costs

Total Airfare from NYC to Oslo: 2,318 NOK or $275.01 USD

I booked my round-trip flights to Oslo from New York City on Norwegian Air Shuttle nine months before departure. Norwegian periodically has fare sales so if you’re flexible, wait to get a good flight deal to Norway.

Norwegian Air Shuttle Booking Tip: When booking your flights with Norwegian Air Shuttle, always look to see if it’s cheaper booking in Norwegian Krone (NOK) instead of your home currency. If you need help, follow this step-by-guide guide to this Norwegian Air Shuttle booking hack.

How was flying with Norwegian?

This wasn’t the first time that I flew with Norwegian Air Shuttle, however, this was the first time that I experienced flight delays and even a cancellation.

On the return trip, I received two meal vouchers for 180 NOK as well as accommodation for the night at Comfort Hotel Runway.

Since I was so tired and passed out immediately after fastening my seat belt, I can’t comment any further on the in-flight experience.

Total Checked Baggage Costs: $116.60 USD

When flying with Norwegian Air Shuttle, don’t get caught paying extra for checking in your luggage. Remember, with Norwegian LowFare seats (the cheapest seats), you are allowed only one carry-on item that weighs less than 10 kg.

Since I had two items (both less than 10 kg), I had to pay to check in my small tote bag. By the way, baggage fees are 50% higher at the airport so make sure if you have to pay for checking in a bag you make your purchase online 12 hours before departure.

  • Checked bag at JFK Airport: $65 USD
  • Checked bag at Oslo Airport: 400 NOK or $51.60 USD

Ugh, this hurts my heart!

Case in point, Norwegian Air Shuttle’s baggage fees are excessive – I’ve learned my lesson!

Navigating Oslo Airport

Overall, navigating to/from the airport is a breeze.

Throughout the airport, signs are in Norwegian as well as English. While you wait for your flight take advantage of the complimentary Wi-Fi.

Total Lodging: $233.29 USD

I booked three nights at Anker Hotel.

How much does a hotel cost in Oslo? For a single room, I paid $77.76 USD per night.

My room was simple. It had a comfortable twin bed, writing desk, flat-screen TV and a large closet. The bathroom floor was heated (you can adjust the temperature) and I had a gorgeous view of Oslo from my window.

Where to stay in Oslo? Where to stay in Oslo on a budget?

The complimentary breakfast buffet at Anker saved me a lot of money on food because most days I skipped lunch and only had to grab dinner. The breakfast buffet included chocolate pastry, hard boiled eggs, cheese, a variety of meats, bread, yogurt, cereal, juice, and coffee.

During the weekends, breakfast is served from 7:00-11:00 a.m. and on weekdays from 6:00-10:00 a.m. If you decide to stay here, be aware that if you arrive a few minutes late to breakfast, you’ll be turned away so be punctual and eat enough to hold you through lunch.

Wi-Fi is free (no code).

Oslo Transportation Cost: $26.12 USD

Since I wasn’t in a rush, I decided to take the local Norwegian State Railways (NSB) train to the Oslo Central Train Station but you can also take the bus, the FlytoGet Airport Express train or taxi.

Heading to the airport, I took the L12 Eidsvoll bound NSB train to Oslo Lufthavn a.k.a. Oslo Airport. The train came two minutes early and left right on time. There was only one other stop (Lillestrom) and the ride took 27 minutes.

  • One-way NSB train from Oslo Airport to city center: 101 NOK or $13.09 USD
  • One-way NSB train from city center to Oslo Airport: 101 NOK or $13.03 USD

Oslo Total Food and Drink Costs: $102.45 USD

Day 1: $32.58 USD

  • Dinner at JFK Airport: $19.23 USD
  • Meal at Burger King: $13.35 USD

Day 2: $11.02 USD

Dinner at Punjab Tandoori: $11.02 USD

Day 3: $38.34 USD

Latte at Creperie De Mar: $5.05 USD

Dinner at Mela Kafe: 129,00 NOK or $16.72 USD

Paprika Chips: $4.13 USD

Bulmers at Anker Hotel: $12.44 USD

Day 4: $20.51 USD

Lunch at Oslo Airport: 159 NOK or $20.51 USD

Activities Cost: Free

Opera House in Oslo
Norway travel cost
Oslo cost of travel

My goal for this trip was to spend as little money as possible on fun so I opted for free things to do in Oslo including:

  • Changing of the Guards at the Royal Palace: Free
  • Rooftop views at the Oslo Opera House: Free
  • Oslo Cathedral: Free
  • Vigeland Sculpture Park: Free

For more fun things to do in Oslo, watch this video which features what to see in Oslo in 2 days.

What should you see if you only have 24 hours in town? Here’s how to spend one day in Oslo.

Don’t miss the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist.
Is Oslo pricey?
How much did my trip to Norway cost?

Other Miscellaneous Costs: $15.55 USD

Travel adapter: $15.55 USD

Final Thoughts

Norway travel cost - average price of a vacation to Norway.

So how much did my trip to Oslo cost?

I spent $770 USD during my 4 day trip to Oslo. And despite booking a cheap flight, avoiding spending money on breakfast and staying at a 3-star hotel, I still spent a lot of money.

Is Oslo expensive?

In my opinion, without a doubt, Norway is an expensive country. Even if you’re a financially savvy traveler, there’s no escaping this fact. To compare, I spent almost the same amount of money during a week-long trip to Rome!

Nevertheless, Norwegian’s checked baggage fees significantly depleted my Oslo budget so, in the future, I’ll make sure to avoid these by traveling with only a carry-on bag. I also have to remember to bring travel adapters to avoid unnecessary spending. Here are some other items that I recommend packing for every trip. Besides that, I think that I was disciplined in my approach to spending in Norway and I’m pretty proud of that.

Is Oslo expensive? Yay or Nay?

How much does a trip to Oslo cost? Use this 4-Day Oslo budget breakdown as a guide for budgeting for a trip to Oslo Norway.
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  1. Erin says:

    My teenaged son and I visited Oslo in February 2019. We also flew Norwegian Air – my favorite international budget airline. We also visited the Oslo Opera House rooftop, wow was it slippery! You provided great tips!

  2. Danielle Desir says:

    Hi Ricardo, thanks so much for stopping by and reading this article. Seems like you got a great deal to visit Oslo from the U.K. Sadly, airfare from the U.S. costs a lot more so right off the back, our budgets will be quite different. I’m happy you had a great time and next time I hope to take advantage of more free nature activities. I visited in February so that I wasn’t feasible. Cheers!


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