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An award-winning affordable luxury travel and personal finance expert.

A Go-To Resource Travel Expert

If you want to travel more, pay off debt, and build wealth, you’re in the right place!

I’m Danielle Desir Corbett. Welcome to my affordable luxury travel and personal finance blog and podcast.

A native of New York City, I attended Manhattan College as an undergrad. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, I moved to Connecticut to pursue my Master’s in Health Care Administration. I’ve called Connecticut home ever since.

I love road trips, excel spreadsheets, spending time outdoors, and searching for cheap flights and travel deals.

I enjoy visiting breweries, hiking to breathtaking viewpoints, and listening to informative podcasts in my spare time.

I’m a wife and mom to a beautiful boy. After side hustling for seven years, I quit corporate to pursue creative entrepreneurship.

In 2015, I started this travel blog, which combines my passions for travel and personal finance. I wanted to debunk the myth that you can travel while paying off student loans or pursuing other financial goals like buying a house or saving for a car—you name it.

Now, I teach others how to afford to make travel a financial priority, pursue financial freedom, and live life on their terms through my blog, podcast, and books.

Learn more about me by listening to this podcast: How I Became a Financially Savvy Traveler.

Danielle Desir is the Founder of WOC Podcasters and Host of The Thought Card

About The Thought Card Podcast

The Thought Card Podcast is a top-rated, award-winning personal finance and travel podcast empowering financially savvy travelers with the tools and resources to travel the world, earn more money, pay off debt, and build wealth.

Join me every other week as we explore creative ways to live on our terms, obtain financial freedom, and location independence.

We talk about how to find the best travel deals, travel destinations, travel rewards, and practical tips for saving money, investing, and homeownership.

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The Thought Card Podcast by Danielle Desir Corbett, a travel podcaster, author, and writer.

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“I am not rich nor am I privileged, but I am financially savvy.”

by Danielle Desir Corbett 

How I Came Up With “The Thought Card” Name?

Communication is key in any relationship.

A few years ago, when faced with a challenging situation, I started sending my loved ones “thought cards” expressing my emotions and thoughts. Eventually, they caught on and started sending them back – we’ve been doing this exchange ever since.

Reading each others’ thought cards always brought us together in new ways and strengthened our bond.

The Thought Card is my way of bringing travel enthusiasts and money nerds together. It’s a place to share financial strategies, travel deals, and money-saving resources. No problem (financial or travel) is too big for us to tackle together.

Read the blog and listen to the podcast.

11 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I enjoy long-distance running out in nature. It’s a great way to clear my mind and listen to my favorite podcasts.
  2. I have completed multiple Tough Mudders and Spartan Races.
  3. I don’t eat meat (I’m a pescatarian), but bacon still smells delicious.
  4. I’m pretty nasty at double dutch (jumping rope with two ropes).
  5. I paid off $63,000 of student loan debt in 4 years.
  6. Since I travel often, my grandpa calls me the “pigeon in flight.”
  7. I worked at one of the top medical schools in the country as a Grants Manager. I have a background in Finance, Health Care Administration, and Project Management.
  8. In 2022, I launched Grants For Creators, a newsletter sharing grants and funding opportunities for US creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.
  9. I’m the founder of WOC Podcasters (Women of Color), a podcasting community for Women of Color to learn about podcasting, share resources, and be in community with each other. You should join!
  10. My travel and money tips have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Work + Money, Vice, New York Post,, Student Loan Hero, and more.
  11. As a podcast marketing coach, I help experienced podcasters grow and monetize their shows.
Danielle Desir is the author of Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure

Where I’ve Been

Favorite Destinations: China, Bermuda, France, Ireland, and Iceland.

Favorite Travel Memory: Snorkeling Silfra (Iceland) and climbing The Great Wall of China.

My top 10 destinations to visit are Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Turkey, South Africa, Greece, Australia, Costa Rica, Morocco, and Germany.

Financial Accomplishments

  1. Self-funded 3 months of parental leave as an entrepreneur.
  2. Paid off over $20,000 of mortgage principal in 3 years.
  3. Bought a house at 27 years old.
  4. Paid off $63,000 of student loan debt in 4 years.