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Money Mindfulness For Financially Savvy Travelers - The Thought Card Podcast

How Money Mindfulness Can Help You Travel More Next Year – Episode 149

The other day I was asked what’s the most important thing that fuels my ability to travel. I gave it some thought and one word came to mind. If you would have asked me this same question a couple of years ago, my answer would have been…
What people get wrong about financially savvy travel. How to become a financially savvy traveler.

What People Get Wrong About Financially Savvy Travel – Episode 148

There is more to financially savvy travel than spending less. Being a financially savvy traveler means being mindful and intentional with our finances while enjoying travel experiences. It goes beyond the money-saving strategies and travel…
Leiper’s Creek Gallery in Leiper's Fork TN.

Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee: Where The Preservation of Land and History Revive a Cultural Hub – Episode 146

Leiper's Fork is a must-visit for anyone visiting Franklin, Tennessee. A hidden gem for artists and cultural enthusiasts, sit back, unplug and let the village surprise you. With things to do in Leiper's Fork, get ready to be transported to…
Historic Clarksville Tennessee Attractions - Things to do in Clarksville, TN.

Immersive Ways To Explore Clarksville’s Rich History and Storied Past – Episode 145

Unforgettable things to do in Clarksville, TN for history lovers and curious travelers. Steeped in history and rich cultural traditions, a trip to Clarksville, Tennessee, promises to transport you back in time, whether you choose to explore…
First time in Paris - Paris for first time visitors

First Time in Paris? 21 Travel Tips For Paris and Essential Things To Know – Episode 144

Visiting Paris for the first time and wondering what to expect? Helpful tips for Paris travel and first time in Paris tips to set realistic expectations for your upcoming vacation. For as long as I could remember, Paris was at the tippy…
Adirondack Experience Museum - Adirondack Museum

7 Experiences Your Family Will Love at Adirondack Experience – Episode 142

At Adirondack Experience, discover the beauty of the Adirondacks through art, nature, history, and culture.  Last year, our family had a chance to explore Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake in upstate New York. We documented our first impressions…
Iceland is an expensive country. Here's how to save money in Iceland.

How To Visit Iceland On a Budget (26 Ways To Save Lots of Money) – Episode 35

Traveling Iceland on a budget: This Iceland travel guide shares how to save money in Iceland, how to travel Iceland cheap, and cheap places to eat in Reykjavik. While Iceland can be a pricey travel destination, after three epic trips to…
Debt free travel tips -- how to travel without going into debt.

Debt-Free Vacation Planning: 10 Ways To Travel Without Going Into Debt – Episode 143

How to avoid getting into debt while traveling, budget travel tips, and strategies for budgeting for travel and paying for a vacation with cash. After a few years sans travel, a lot of people are re-prioritizing travel again and subsequently…
How to negotiate a raise with Athena Valentine Lent

How To Negotiate A Raise With Athena Valentine From Money Smart Latina

Athena Valentine Lent shares what money was like growing up in a Latino household and how negotiating for a raise at work can help you build wealth.