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Tips for planning a trip to Scotland with Kathi Kamleitner of Wild For Scotland.

Insider Tips For Planning a Trip To Scotland With Kathi Kamleitner – Episode 126

Are you overwhelmed planning a Scotland trip? Kathi Kamleitner shares helpful Scotland planning tips like when to visit, recommended road trips, ways to save money, and more! Wondering how to plan a trip to Scotland? From things to do in Glasgow…
How to deal with mom guilt when you travel a lot for work.

Overcoming Mom Guilt When Traveling Without Your Kids For Work

Dropping our son off at grandma's for the second time in a week meant another tearful “see you later.” I barely wanted to be part of the drop-off process to avoid feeling worse than I already did, but my husband made a comment that hinted…
How to enjoy the outdoors - outdoor travel adventure.

Enjoy the Outdoors All Year Round With Lauren Gay (And Safety Tips For Solo Travelers) – Episode 125

Are you looking to get outdoors and explore nature, but don't know where to start or who to go with? If so, you aren't alone. Adventure travel can be intimidating, but outdoors travel blogger and podcaster Lauren Gay is here to help. In this…
Gifts for travel couples and gifts for travel lovers.

23 Irresistible Gifts For Travel Couples

What's a good gift for couples who like to travel? Couples who travel together stay together. While I wish that were (always) the case, traveling with a significant other has many long-lasting benefits. Spend time together, create memories,…
Plan maternity leave for freelancers, entrepreneurs and self-employed.

How To Plan For Maternity Leave When Self-Employed – Episode 124

How should you handle maternity leave when self-employed? How will you make money during maternity leave? One of the things I appreciate about working for myself is the freedom and flexibility. I decide who I work with, what I work on, the…
Points hacking - how to earn bonus airline miles.

Points Hacking: 7 Easy Ways To Earn Thousands of Extra Points and Miles a Year – Episode 123

One of the biggest misconceptions I had years ago when I dreamed of traveling the world was that I had to come up with all the cash to fund vacations. Back then, travel felt expensive – even as a budget traveler – because I was fronting…
How to become a house sitter with Brittnay Sharman from The Travelling House Sitters.

How To Become a House Sitter: Saving $60,000 in Travel Costs with Brittnay Sharman – Episode 53

If house sitting and pet sitting your way around the world sounds interesting, learn how Brittnay and Jayden do it. Brittnay Sharman is a professional house sitter from Australia. She is one half of The Travelling House Sitters, a travel blog…
Short-term financial goals to set right now!

20 Examples of Short-Term Financial Goals You Can Set This Year – Episode 122

It’s the new year, which means we have a fresh start. Our slate is wiped clean, and the world is our oyster. With renewed energy and enthusiasm, it’s time to go after our money goals. Although I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions…
How to achieve financial success. Financial success meaning.

How To Set Yourself Up For Financial Success by Setting Financial Goals – Episode 21

The new year is right around the corner, so now is the best time to think about how we can get ahead financially. Goals are essential because they allow us to achieve our desired future. However, many people set financial goals at the beginning…