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Honestly, one of the best, honest, travel, podcasts available! Danielle’s advice on budgeting, and how it can be applied to your travels is invaluable! Anyone with an interest in travelling their own way should listen to this podcast! – VancouverTony


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The Thought Card Podcast Episode 2: Why You Need A Travel Fund

How To Start A Travel Fund and Why You Need One – Episode 2

You have dreams of traveling the world. Whether you hope to quit your job and become a digital nomad or plan a family vacation to DisneyWorld (or Universal), at some point, the cost will cross your mind. If you're wondering how to fund travel,…
Vacation Fund Tips - Best ways to save money for travel in a vacation fund or travel fund.

How to Keep Your Vacation Fund Intact By Avoiding 7 Common Mistakes

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How to afford frequent travel with Jen Ruiz author of "12 Trips In 12 Months" travel memoir and travel challenge.

The Ultimate Travel Challenge: How To Afford 12 Trips in 12 Months with Jen Ruiz

Practical advice on saving money, finding cheap flights, and making travel dreams come true with a year-long travel challenge. If you have the desire to travel more in the upcoming year, what is holding you back? Perhaps time? Money? Or a companion?…

Benefits of Solo Travel: 9 Reasons To Stop Procrastinating and Plan Your Next Solo Adventure – Episode 165

Insights on affordable and fulfilling solo trips. Get inspired for your own solo adventure! "It's better to go alone than to not go at all." Love solo travel? Hate it? After initially hating it, Nausheen Farishta learned to love solo travel…
Ghana Travel Guide with Tiffany Heard from Hues of Africa.

Ghana Travel Guide: Tips For First-Time Travelers with Tiffany Heard – Episode 163

Tips for planning a memorable vacation to Ghana and things first-timers should know to make the most of their trip! Have you ever dreamed of visiting the vibrant West African country of Ghana? Tiffany Heard guides curious travelers back to…
Cruising on a budget. How to save money cruising with Amanda Bauner, cruising expert and solo travel expert.

Cruising On a Budget: How To Save Money On Cruises with Amanda Bauner – Episode 164

Learn how to save money cruising on a budget without compromising the experience, from booking at the right time to deciding where to splurge. Cruising is a popular way to travel, offering a unique experience that combines relaxation, adventure,…
Things to do in Auburn New York for history lovers and enthusiast.

7 Must-See Places To Learn About Harriet Tubman’s Life and Legacy: Things To Do in Auburn, New York – Episode 161

Things to do in Auburn New York, Harriet Tubman's chosen hometown. Hear lesser-known stories about Harriet Tubman and her remarkable legacy as an abolitionist, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and more. What do you know about Harriet Tubman, one…
Planning budget-friendly vacations for large families with Kevin Payne from Family Money Adventure

Defining Family Values and Planning Budget-Friendly Vacations For Large Families With Kevin Payne – Episode 159

Big family travel planning tips - discover how to make affordable vacations a reality for your large family. Wondering how you can plan affordable vacations for large families? Kevin Payne from Family Money Adventure is here to help you make…
Attractions in Columbia, South Carolina - South Carolina African American history. Black history travel.

Uncover Post-Civil War African American History at These Attractions in Columbia, South Carolina – Episode 158

Discover things to see and attractions in Columbia, South Carolina, offering a blend of African American history, art, culture, and heritage. Welcome to the heart of South Carolina. The capital city of “The Palmetto State” named after Christopher…