Episode 54: Visiting Vermont During the Pandemic

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While Kyle and I have written-off international travel for the rest of the year due to the pandemic, it hasn’t stopped us from exploring our local area and planning a domestic getaway. In August, we spent four days exploring the rural areas of Shaftsbury, Vermont. While we usually pick accommodations based on the destination we’re visiting, we ditched our original plans after finding this cozy log cabin on Airbnb. While visiting Vermont during the pandemic, we spent lots of time outdoors, wandered around town, and wore masks in public. Did I mention we also saw a Black Bear right in our backyard?

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*In this episode, I mentioned visiting Southeast Vermont, we actually visited Southwest Vermont.

In this episode we cover:

The things we loved about The Green Mountain State and how we planned a trip to Vermont during the pandemic.

  • Our favorite things about our trip to Vermont.
  • Why we picked Vermont as our travel destination.
  • Fun things we enjoyed doing in Shaftsbury, Vermont including:

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