Traveling With A Full-Time Job by Danielle Desir

This book is for the practical professional who is tired of hearing the played-out narrative that you have to “take the leap” and quit your job to travel the world. This how-to guide is packed with honest advice for making the best use of your limited vacation time so you can see more of the world even with a 9 to 5. 

Genre: Self-Help/Personal Development

Formats Available: Kindle and eBook

Release Date: September 5, 2020

About Book

Traveling to over 27 countries while climbing the corporate ladder, Danielle Desir is putting to bed the myth that you cannot travel extensively with a full-time job. With a demanding job, limited vacation time, and two promotions, Danielle has spent the last seven years finding creative ways to manage her time traveling with a full-time job. 

While traveling and balancing a career can be challenging because of the time constraints, in “Traveling With A Full-Time Job”, discover the secrets to making your travel dreams come true without sacrificing your career. 

From how to extend your time out of the office using minimal vacation days to negotiating working from home, discover what works and what doesn’t when it comes to balancing a full-time job and travel.


Notable Sections

  • Ways to travel without requesting time off
  • Ways to travel using minimal paid time off
  • Tips for negotiating to work remotely
  • Things to do at work before going on vacation

Bonus Video

With the purchase of this book, watch the bonus panel interview that highlights the stories of those who are traveling regularly and crushing it at work. In this interview, uncover the biggest challenges they’ve overcome when traveling with a full-time job, the furthest they’ve traveled during a weekend, how not to let your travels get in the way of your performance at work, and so much more.

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