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Pay Student Loans and Travel

Tips For Affording Travel While Aggressively Paying Off Student Loans

Can you travel while paying off student loan debt? Absolutely! With a lot of planning and discipline, you can afford to do both. As Paula Pant says from Afford Anything Podcast, you can afford anything but not everything. This means that you…
2017 Top Budget Travel Destinations
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23 Top Budget Travel Destinations Around The World

Have you traveled lately - was 2017 a good travel year? If so, where did you go? More importantly, how much did you spend? I know I'm bombarding you with questions but at the end of the day, money affects our ability to travel. Money can help…
How To Maximize Redemption Value For Delta SkyMiles: Delta SkyMiles Flash Sales Italy Trip

Delta SkyMiles Flash Sales: Booking A $75 Flight To Rome

A few years ago, the AMEX Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card ran a promotion where new card members could earn 60k bonus miles after spending $1,000 USD. After meeting the minimum spend, I had enough points for a free round-trip flight to New Zealand!…
Winter Destinations With Cheap Flights From East Coast USA

5 Winter Destinations With Cheap Flights From East Coast

Winter is my least favorite season. I could live without New England's icy roads, flu shots, and heavy coats. Nevertheless, despite all the hassles, winter is my favorite travel season. Over the past few years, I've traveled inexpensively to…
US Travel Bank Accounts that are great for travelers

Ideal U.S. Travel Bank Accounts For Travelers

ATM fees and foreign exchange fees are a big financial burden for travelers. In 2016, ATM fees cost a record high of $4.57 per transaction. Banks on average charge 3% for foreign transaction fees and before I found travel bank accounts that…
Finding Cheap Flight Deals Around the World

Finding Cheap Cruise Deals: A Way To Travel Cheaply

A few weeks ago, while enjoying the city views from the terrace of Miradouro de Santa Luzia in Lisbon, I noticed cruise ships docked at the port. This made me think about my own cruise experiences exploring St. John's in Newfoundland and parasailing…
Debit Cards and Travel. How debit cards are making a comeback.

Why Debit Cards Are Making a Comeback For Travelers

It seems like there is always a new credit card on the market that is offering a ridiculous sign-up bonus. Every month, The Points Guy shares recommendations for the best credit cards and the appeal to get a new card is great. Although credit…