28 Must Follow Travel Podcasts For 2023 – Episode 121

Best travel podcasts and popular travel podcasts.

Are you looking to listen to more travel podcasts? Podcasts about travel share inspiring stories, offer insider insights and local perspectives, suggest things to do, and give us a peek into how people explore the world.

Travel podcasts encourage us to step out of our comfort zones by sharing lessons learned and debunk myths, melting away the barriers seemingly dividing us.

No matter your travel style, there’s a travel podcast that focuses on the topic you’re looking for, be it couples travel, family travel, solo travel, Black travel, or luxury travel.

While dozens of lists feature bing-worthy travel podcasts, the same shows get mentioned repeatedly. As a podcaster myself, this is frustrating because there are so many incredible shows that don’t make the “top travel podcast” or “best travel podcast,” lists so I’m taking matters into my own hands.

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Keep reading for 28 travel podcasts you’ll enjoy listening to throughout 2023 and beyond. Follow (or subscribe to) these shows on your favorite podcast player, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Pandora. Also, share this article with at least two other friends to help spread the word.

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Best Travel Podcasts To Inspire A Travel Filled Lifestyle

1. Flourish In the Foreign

Celebrating and elevating Black women who live abroad, host Christine Job shares the stories of Black women moving abroad, tips for staying abroad, and how to live intentionally. This podcast explores a different side of expat life and will inspire you to chart your fearless journey to move overseas and thrive. Expect topics like dating abroad, healthcare, financial wellness abroad, becoming a digital nomad, starting a business, and more.

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2. Ticket 2 Anywhere Podcast

Helping you adventure from anywhere and on any budget, Trizzy and Leah have been friends for over 15 years and share a massive love for travel. They have different ways of traveling. While Leah has a flexible schedule and takes extended vacations since she can work from anywhere, Trizzy has a nine-to-five job with a flexible travel budget. Both are obsessed with widening listeners’ worldview and helping travelers consider destinations near and far.

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3. The Thought Card

Money can help or hinder us from traveling, pursuing other financial goals, and generally living on our terms.

The Thought Card by yours truly – Danielle Desir Corbett – embraces making smart money decisions so we can travel more, work from anywhere, and pursue financial independence. Half travel and half personal finance, this show will meet you where you’re at, help you build your financial knowledge base, and equip you with actionable steps to make progress on your goals.

Listen to The Thought Card on your favorite podcast player.

4. Geobreeze Travel Podcast

If you want to travel for next to no cost or want to level up your award travel skills and lifestyle, listen to Geobreeze Travel Podcast by Juliana Menez. In each episode, guests from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds share how they got started with points and miles, how they use their awards, and mistakes they’ve made. With insightful strategies for novice and advanced travel hackers, you’ll get introduced to lesser-known travel hacking secrets.

Listen to Geobreeze Travel Podcast on your favorite podcast player.

5. Travel Goals Podcast

Travel Goals Podcast by Portia Jones, a.k.a. “Pip,” shares in-depth discussions on the latest travel trends with some of the biggest names in the travel industry. In addition to destination inspiration and stories of travel adventures from around the world, tune in for practical tips on how to travel better – smarter, cheaper, and more purposefully.

Portia Jones is an intrepid travel UK-based journalist that writes about adventure travel, hiking guides, city break guides, and affordable luxury.

Follow Travel Goals Podcast on your favorite podcast player.

6. The Offbeat Life

If remote work and location independence is a priority, add The Offbeat Life as one of your new favorite travel podcasts.

Host Debbie Arcangeles interviews fearless individuals who ditched the norm to become location-independent. Learn how remote workers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs are overcoming setbacks and creating income while working online from anywhere. Leave each episode with new ideas for making a living while traveling the world.

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7. Picky Girl Travels

This travel podcast is for Black women who want more out of life. Alongside host Adalia Aborisade, expect to hear discussions about female solo travel, the practical aspects of life abroad, inspiration to break free from the mold, how to remain safe, and ways to live life on your terms.

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8. Travel Squad Podcast

With a focus on traveling with friends, Travel Squad Podcast shares travel advice and hacks to save you time and money. Whether you’re listening for new places to visit or while you’re planning, these three friends (Kim, Jamal and Brittanie) share things to do traveling around the world.

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9. Travel N Sh!t

Covering the good, the bad, and the unexpected, Travel N Sh!t by dCarrie shares how profoundly travel can impact us as we manage our day-to-day lives. This show reminds us that travel isn’t one-dimensional and travel is more than a vacation.

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10. A Girl’s Guide To Traveling Alone

Solo traveling since 2002, A Girl’s Guide to Travelling Alone by Gemma Thompson, shares practical tips and advice for solo female travelers. From weekend getaways to planning around-the-world trips, learn how to stay safe, how to decide where to go, and plan a worry-free trip.

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11. Vacation Mavens

Co-hosted by Kimberly Tate and Tamara Gruber, Vacation Mavens is a family travel podcast sharing family travel tips, destination guides, and inspiration to jump-start your next family vacation.

Follow Vacation Mavens on your favorite podcast player.

12. Alpaca My Bags: Responsible Travel Podcast

Alpaca My Bags is a Canadian travel podcast that explores how to travel responsibly. From voluntourism to sustainable travel and travel privilege, episodes offer how to travel in a mindful and meaningful way.

Follow Alpaca My Bags on your favorite podcast player.

13. The Big Travel Podcast

Exploring life stories through travel, The Big Travel Podcast uncovers what about travel inspires us throughout our lives. This relatable yet aspirational podcast is full of great stories and honest experiences about how travel allows us to experience the world. Host Lisa Francesca Nand is a travel journalist, presenter, writer, and filmmaker.

Follow The Big Travel Podcast on your favorite podcast player.

14. Oh My! Travel Podcast

Do you like to travel, wander or chase adventure? Focusing on off-the-beaten-path destinations and travel planning resources, join Jeanine Romo and Martha Espinoza on Oh My! Travel Podcast for fun travel stories, insightful destination guides, and helpful travel tips.

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15. Adventures in Luxury Travel

If you enjoy splurging on over-the-top experiences, exploring beyond the tourist areas, connecting with people, and creating memories in stunning destinations, Adventures in Luxury Travel explores off-the-beaten-path experiences and how to make your next trip extra special.

Join host Mimi Lichtenstein, the owner of Truvay Travel, a top luxury travel design company working with entrepreneurs and executives, every other week if you want the VIP treatment.

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16. Digital Nomad Stories

From overcoming loneliness to common money mistakes and tips on thriving during your first months as a digital nomad, leave each episode inspired with new ideas and insights you can use to start or improve your digital nomad lifestyle. Every week, Anne Claessen interviews a guest, sharing how they live their life filled with travel, remote work, and personal growth.

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17. Families Fly Free

If you want to make more travel memories without breaking the bank, Families Fly Free by Lyn Mettler will teach you how to travel the world for less with helpful travel hacks, tips, and tricks. From earning frequent flyer miles to saving on travel and how to fly for free, turn your family travel dreams into a splendid reality by listening to this show.

Follow Adventures in Luxury Travel on your favorite podcast player.

18. All Things Iceland

Get the inside scoop on all things Iceland. Discover Iceland’s history, culture, natural wonders, and language through the eyes of an expat, Jewells Chambers. In addition to interviews, you’ll also hear helpful travel advice and what it’s like to live in the Land of Fire and Ice.

Follow All Things Iceland on your favorite podcast player.

19. The Profitable Travel Blogger

Turning your travel blog into a profitable location-independent business is possible, and Jessie Festa is here to ensure you do. This show is for busy content creators who want actionable strategies to grow their blog’s traffic, community, and income, allowing you to be your own boss from anywhere in the world.

Follow The Profitable Travel Blogger on your favorite podcast player.

20. World Wide Honeymoon Travel Podcast

Navigating the world of couples travel, newlyweds Kat and Chris Butler will inspire you to plan your next romantic getaway with your boo. Tune in for destination guides, travel tips for couples, travel hacks to spend less money, and more.

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21. Wild for Scotland

Hosted by Kathi Kamleitner, Wild for Scotland is for Scotland-lovers around the world who dream of a trip to Scotland or those looking for inspiration for an upcoming trip. Episodes include practical tips for planning a Scotland trip, immersive stories, and interviews with guests from all over Scotland.

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22. Adventure is a Lifestyle

If you are looking for ways to embrace a more adventurous life and enjoy the outdoors, Adventure is a Lifestyle by Lauren Gay should be at the top of your list. Lauren Gay is an outdoor adventure travel blogger and podcaster empowering Black women through travel and outdoor recreation. Listen to this show for firsthand travel adventures, interviews with other adventures, and perspectives that challenge what it means to be “outdoorsy.”

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23. All the S**t I’ve Learned Abroad

Steph Paige and Andrea Gillis have visited almost every exotic location in the world. With only the most extreme destinations left unexplored, not by choice, the duo have a wealth of firsthand knowledge to share and share lessons learned from decades of traveling. Covering everything from flights, accommodation, and destinations to attire, etiquette and scams, the podcast dives deep on anything and everything you should know when taking a trip. 

Follow All the S**t I’ve Learned Abroad on your favorite podcast player.

24. This Latina Travels

Travel through the eyes of a first-generation Latina, Bianca Alba. In each episode of This Latina Travels, Bianca takes you to a destination around the world from Ireland to Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and beyond. Hear personal travel stories, travel gems, highlights, and hacks, and learn things to do that may not be easily found online.

Follow This Latina Travels on your favorite podcast player.

25. Family Money Adventure

For conversations and tips on making money moves that feel right for your family, listen to Family Money Adventure by freelance writer and family travel and budget enthusiast Kevin Payne. Explore ways to improve your finances to do what you love, like travel and spend quality time with your family. Learn how to plan trips with your family while finding everyday adventures you can experience together.

Follow Family Monday Adventure on your favorite podcast player.

26. Art of Adventuring

This outdoors podcast features inspiring explorers sharing their stories. They share their hardships, highlights, and how these trips changed their everyday lives. From NYT bestselling authors, X-Games gold medalists, Paralympic medalists, polar explorers, and no-oxygen mountaineers, host Torben Landskrone of World Explorers Collective shares the incredible stories of those who braved the unknown.

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27. Everyday Badassery

Filmed while traveling, Everyday Badassery shares inspirational stories to help you be just 1% more badass than you were yesterday. Host Christine Lozada believes big badass moments in life are made possible by the culmination of our small badass moments.

Follow Everyday Badassery on your favorite podcast player.

28. Travel Mug

For travel planning in a sustainable way, as well as travel tips and tricks, join Meggan and Jenn every week.

We love their shorter ‘Travel Tip Tuesday’ episodes which cover various topics like can you leave the airport during a layover or how to avoid paying too much on car rental insurance.

Don’t forget your travel mug!

Follow Travel Mug on your favorite podcast player.

What are your favorite travel podcasts? In the comments below, share your recommendations.

28 Must Follow Travel Podcasts For 2023 - Episode 121
28 Must Follow Travel Podcasts For 2023 - Episode 121
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