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When it comes to travel, a little bit of planning goes a long way.

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Why T-Mobile Offers The Best Phone Plan For Travelers

Why T-Mobile Is The Best Phone Plan For Travelers

From eating ice cream on a remote dairy farm in Iceland to exploring the depths of the ancient Cathedral Caves at Grotto Bay Beach Resort in Bermuda, when traveling abroad, I’m able to stay connected with my family and friends at no extra…
Skyscanner Price Alerts: How to set price alerts with Skyscanner
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How to Get Cheaper Flights By Setting Skyscanner Price Alerts

Although Skyscanner is a popular metasearch engine that helps travelers plan and book trips, did you know that you can use Skyscanner price alerts to book cheaper flights and find the best flight deals for international travel? Skyscanner…
AirWander Review: Stopover Flight Search Engine

AirWander: Pay Less To Discover More Of The World With Stopovers

Did you know that adding a stopover can save you money on your next flight? If you haven’t considered adding a stopover to your travel itinerary, you might be surprised to find out that you may be missing out on a significant amount of savings.…
Extended Stay America Extended Perks Loyalty Program

Extended Perks: A New Way To Stay With Extended Stay America

As much as I love international trips or even domestic trips across the country, sometimes we need a stress-free getaway that requires little to no planning. That's why when I needed a short winter getaway before the holidays, I decided to stay…
DirectHotels hotel comparison website for cheapest prices

DirectHotels: The Hotel Comparison Site For Cheaper Hotels

Lodging is usually one of the big ticket items on a travel budget. In addition to other pre-departure costs like airfare and car rentals, finding a place to stay is essential. So with tons of booking websites that compare hotel rates, how do…
2017 Top Budget Travel Destinations
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23 Top Budget Travel Destinations Around The World

Have you traveled lately - was 2017 a good travel year? If so, where did you go? More importantly, how much did you spend? I know I'm bombarding you with questions but at the end of the day, money affects our ability to travel. Money can help…
FinalPrice Review: The subscription based booking app for travel

FinalPrice Membership: Saving On Airfare, Hotels and Car Rentals

Subscription services are extremely popular. Some subscription services like NetFlix offer convenience while others give us exactly what we are looking for. Some may even surprise us with new things regularly. Although there aren’t many subscription-based…
Whiskr Travel flight deals for flexible travelers

Whiskr Review + Giveaway: Using Big Data To Find Flight Deals

As my search for the best flight deals to destinations around the world continues, misleading fare alerts and stale fares have become so common that I can see why people have become skeptical about paying for fare alert subscriptions. Who has…
NeatPack Travel Umbrella: Neatpack compact folding travel umbrella with 42" canopy retractable

Neatpack Travel Umbrella Review + Giveaway

Over the last few years, I have spent over $100 USD buying new umbrellas. Unable to withstand New York City's torrential downpours or New England's heavy snowstorms after using them maybe once or twice, I had to throw them away. That all changed…
WestJet Review for International Flights Economy Class

WestJet Review: Econo Round-trip From NYC To Toronto

Booking the cheapest airfare often means flying with carriers that I'm not always familiar with. So when WestJet offered the best deal for economy round-trip flights to Toronto, Canada ($195 USD), I thought why not! In the end, this cheap flight…
Hitlist App Travel Deals To Destinations Around the World For Less
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Hitlist App: Fuel Your Endless Wanderlust For Less

Combining travel inspiration and flight deals, Hitlist is a photo intensive travel app designed to inspire wanderlust. Although there are lots of flight deal apps out there, with minimal effort on your part, the Hitlist app allows you to act… Authentic Travel Experiences At An Affordable Price

A More Authentic Travel Experience Through

Meeting new people and creating memories together is one of the most important things that I look for when traveling. Among other things like architecture and natural landscape, I believe that people make destinations unique. So deepen your…
As You Stay App Review: A Hotel Booking App that Lets You Book Anytime Day or Night

As You Stay App Review: Book A Hotel By The Hour

Maybe you can relate but when it comes to travel planning, I'm not spontaneous. I'm actually the opposite. Before a trip, I try to plan as much as possible. This includes booking accommodations and creating detailed itineraries. But things don't…