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Rome Budget Travel Costs

7 Day Rome Budget Breakdown: How Much Does A Week In Rome Cost?

Like many other popular Western European cities, many people consider Rome to be a tourist destination high on their bucket list. Nicknamed the Eternal City (for the empire believed to have no end), Rome blew me away with its deeply rooted history,…
Travel Costs in Rome: How Much Do Things Cost In Rome

Rome Travel Cost: How Much Do Things Cost In Rome?

Are you planning a trip to Rome but having a hard time finalizing your travel budget? Well, budgeting for Rome doesn't have to be a guessing game. In fact, that's why in addition to my detailed Rome budget breakdown, I'm sharing cost estimates…
Mexico City Budget Breakdown - How much to budget for a trip to Mexico City

Mexico City Budget Breakdown: How Much Does A Trip Cost?

At the 2017 SheNomads Remote Work and Wellness Retreat, I spent three days exploring Mexico City alongside a diverse group of women who work remotely and travel. Mexico City surpassed all of my expectations and I can't wait to go back to sightsee…

Toronto Budget Breakdown

Toronto Budget: How Much Does A Trip To Toronto Cost?

Only an hour away from New York City, Toronto is the perfect international weekend destination for East Coasters. In fact, it's taken me entirely too long to visit! In my defense, every year I plan to attend Caribana and OVO Fest, Toronto's…
Weekend in Chicago: A Chicago Budget with Spending Costs

Chicago Budget: How Much Does A Trip To Chicago Cost?

Weekend trips are what I like to call "small doses of travel". Arriving Friday night and returning home on Sunday, Chicago is a great weekend destination if you're short on time. From free walking tours to casual strolls along the Chicago Riverwalk,…
Bermuda Budget Travel Guide and Spending Plan

Bermuda Budget: How Much Does A Trip to Bermuda Cost?

Less than two hours away from New York City (and many other cities on the East Coast), Bermuda is a convenient international beach getaway. Although it wasn't previously on my travel wish list, I stumbled on an irresistible flight deal late…