Practical Tips for Setting Financial Goals

Setting Achievable Financial Goals

Although many people set financial goals every year, most do not end up accomplishing them. Why is that? While many people get distracted throughout the year, I challenge you to take a good look at the goals you’re setting for yourself. Are your money goals a good fit for where you are in your life right now? To help you decide, here are four tips for setting financial goals.

Things To Consider When Setting Financial Goals

Nothing Too Over the Top

The most achievable financial goals aren’t too hard. Although they may take time to accomplish, if you break them down, they are manageable. Instead of setting financial goals that are too over the top, set realistic goals. These realistic goals may stretch you, but should not break your spirit. Your goals should uplift you, not put you down or make you feel inadequate.

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Make an Emotional Connection

Ever set a money goal that you’re not really into? 

Oftentimes we set financial goals based on what other people want for us. 

You know…those goals we set to meet social or cultural standards or those money goals we think will make our parents proud of us or our friends envious. 

I’ve found that the goals I stick to light a fire within me days, weeks, months, or even years after I set them. These are the goals I can vividly visualize achieving. 

I can see it. I can even taste it. Celebratory drink anyone? Want to know how I envision paying off my mortgage?

I envision inviting my family and friends over and having a celebration. Music will be playing and I will light a bonfire outback. Everyone will cheer me on as I deliver my debt pay off speech and they’ll watch me happily burn my last mortgage statement. I can taste the fancy feast afterward and I can see my family smiling at me, hugging me and congratulating me for owning my home outright.  

Can you visualize achieving your goals? How will you feel when you meet them? Are you excited or are you feeling dread or overwhelm just thinking about it? 

Pay special attention to all of your emotions and make sure you set financial goals that give you the most positive vibes because if not, it’ll feel like a chore. 

It took me four years to pay off my student loans and if I wasn’t passionate about becoming debt-free, I would have never made the sacrifices to pay off $63,000 of student loan debt. 

This brings me to my next point, are you going to stay motivated to accomplish your financial goals for however long it takes? If yes, then set the goal. It not, head back to the drawing board and focus your attention on a goal that more closely aligns with what you’re passionate about right now.  

Avoid Goal Hopping

We are multifaceted beings so it’s understandable why many of us want to tackle several goals at the same time but I advise using caution. Instead of spreading yourself thin, set fewer money goals this year and commit to seeing results. Once you’ve reached a goal, celebrate your money win and laser focus on the next priority. This reduces overwhelm and will increase your likeliness of success.

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Get Inspired

Lastly, listen to personal finance podcasts for inspiration. I especially like the “year-end review episodes” which recap lessons learned. You’ll be surprised by how much you will learn from other people’s accomplishments, challenges, mistakes, and failures. These episodes offer valuable insights and can help you craft a brighter future without having to reinvent the wheel. 

Listen to my 2018 Year End Review on The Thought Card Podcast. In this episode, I share what worked for me in 2018, what didn’t work, and the important lessons I learned. I also share why “committed” was my focus word for 2019.

Financial Goal Setting

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