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Wise spending for financially savvy travelers.

5 Smart Ways To Make Wise Spending Decisions As Financially Savvy Travelers – Episode 150

Knowledge is power. The more knowledgeable I’ve become, the more I can make informed financial decisions that benefit me as a traveler. In my book, We Are Financially Savvy Travelers, we talk about how improving your knowledge base is an…
Money Mindfulness For Financially Savvy Travelers - The Thought Card Podcast

How Money Mindfulness Can Help You Travel More Next Year – Episode 149

The other day I was asked what’s the most important thing that fuels my ability to travel. I gave it some thought and one word came to mind. If you would have asked me this same question a couple of years ago, my answer would have been…
What people get wrong about financially savvy travel. How to become a financially savvy traveler.

What People Get Wrong About Financially Savvy Travel – Episode 148

There is more to financially savvy travel than spending less. Being a financially savvy traveler means being mindful and intentional with our finances while enjoying travel experiences. It goes beyond the money-saving strategies and travel…