Planning Your First Solo Backpacking Trip and Best Places For Solo Female Travel With Gemma Thompson – Episode 90

Solo Backpacking Travel Tips With Gemma Thompson
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Gemma Thompson hosts A Girl’s Guide To Travelling Alone, a top travel podcast dedicated to solo female travelers. Growing up in Durham, in the North-East of England, Gemma did not have a lot of experience traveling before booking her first solo backpacking trip. In 2002, she quit her job, gave up her apartment, and left her boyfriend to travel independently. She went on to spend three months backpacking across South East Asia and Australia. In this episode, Gemma Thompson shares how to plan your first solo backpacking trip and the most important lessons learned. She also shares tips for female solo travelers, first-time female solo travel destinations, and how her travel style has changed now that she’s expanded her family.

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In this episode, we chat about:

  • What inspired Gemma to take her first solo trip for three months in 2002
  • Why she wished she had gone solo backpacking longer
  • Ways Gemma could have managed her finances better to travel longer
  • What makes a great destination for female solo travel and solo trips for women
  • The best tips for solo travelers
  • The sort of things we should research before traveling
  • Why guidebooks are still useful
  • How Gemma’s travel style has changed since expanding her family

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Instagram: @girlsthattravelofficial

Twitter: @2GirlsThatTravel

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