Sightseeing In Paris: Highlights From A Seine River Cruise

Sightseeing in Paris France: Seine River Cruise
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Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. After graduate school, to make my dream trip to Paris come true, I saved for almost a year. When I finally visited Paris, I fell in love with its manicured gardens, timeless architecture and quaint neighborhoods. I also adored the scenic views of the cityscape from a Seine River cruise. Years later, I am now planning a trip to the “City of Light” with my family.


Family Travel in Paris 

Now that my cousins are a little older, my family is ready for our first trip abroad. However, planning a solo trip to Paris and planning a family trip to Paris are two completely different things. With a range of ages to take into account, striking a balance between sightseeing and kid-friendly activities is tricky. Family travel is definitely outside my element but EuroCamp is bridging the gap.

While other camping holidays limit families, EuroCamp offers flexibility. There are no minimum or maximum durations. You can arrive and leave when you like. You can also stay for as long as you want. Best of all, you save money by not having to pay per person. You only pay one price for the accommodation.

With over 180 vacation locations in 13 countries, there are three campsites in Paris. Less than 90-minutes away from the city center, my family and I can easily couple sightseeing with camping. Disneyland is also a short day trip away!

Before we head out of the city, I wanted my entire family to experience sightseeing together. Since walking isn’t always ideal, a river cruise is another great way to see the city.


Seine River Cruise Highlights 

The Seine River divides Paris into right and left banks.

Did you know that the Seine riverbank is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Don’t forget to bring a light sweater or jacket for the wind on your Seine River cruise.  

There are lots of different types of boat tours on the Seine River. There are lunch and dinner cruises and even shows. However, since the riverbank is historic, on a narrated tour, we could learn more about Paris’ rich history and culture.


Notre Dame Cathedral

If the front of the Notre Dame Cathedral captivates you, just wait till you see the back. In my opinion, the back is even more elaborate! The gothic spires elongate the cathedral while the flying buttresses expand it.

Near the Notre Dame Cathedral, you’ll also see charming “Bouquinistes”. Vendors have been selling art, souvenirs, and vintage books here since the 16th century.


Eiffel Tower

I can only imagine what the views would look like at night! 

The Eiffel Tower needs no introduction.

Built in 1897, the Eiffel Tower is a breathtaking architectural masterpiece. Despite the amazing views from the top, there’s something magical about this river view.

From the Seine River, you’ll have unobstructed views of this global icon.


Pont Neuf

Named the “New Bridge”, Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris.

Build over thirty years, construction ended in 1607. With a classic design, this stone bridge has twelve small arches. It connects the right and left banks with a stop on the Ile de la Cite.


Pont Alexandre III

Connecting the left and right river banks, Pont Alexandre III is one my favorite bridges in Paris. With large lampposts and massive bronze plates, this bridge screams elegance. In the center, there are beautiful copper nymphs that symbolize Franco-Russian peace.

From this bridge, you’ll have a gorgeous view upstream and downstream.

You may also see newly wed couples using this bridge as a backdrop for their wedding photos – can you blame them?

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