SheNomads Talks Travel: Danielle Desir Podcast Interview

Danielle Des talks budgeting and travel and so much more on the SheNomads podcast.

Do you like listening to podcasts? Well guess what…. I was featured in one!

In SheNomads podcast Episode 6, LaToya and I talk about budgeting for travel, meeting people abroad, travel blogging, solo travel and so much more. It’s jam packed with lots of helpful tips and you can check out new episodes every Tuesday.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear my voice, this is your chance – press play!




01:35: Budgeting and affording travel.

04:25: The Thought Card origins.

05:24: Tips for solo travel and staying organized.

07:14: How perceptions can hold you back from traveling solo and how to overcome it.

08:27: Solo vs. semi-solo travel.

09:59: Hostels and making friends abroad.

12:30: Working full-time and traveling.

13:50 & 17:30: Convincing your partner to travel.

16:50: Staying safe at hostels.

21:39: My travel wish-list.



1. My blog turned 1 years old – woot woot!

2. I spent 4 adventure filled days exploring Iceland solo. *Correction* This was actually my third solo trip (how could I forget about my first solo trip to Chicago back in 2013). So far I’ve traveled solo to Chicago, Paris, Brussels, and Iceland.

3. I had a great time staying at a hostel in Reykjavík and like I had hoped, I made new friends from all over the world and it all started with a smile and an introduction. “Hi, I’m Danielle, where are you from?”

4. In addition to wanting to travel to South Africa, I’m also itching to go to New Zealand and Turkey.

5. The student loan section of my blog continues to grow. Lots of more repayment tips coming soon.


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Author: Danielle Desir

Danielle Desir is a Travel Finance Strategist that uses her financial background and knack for financial planning to empower those who want to travel afford travel and excel in their personal finances. She shares creative planning strategies, saving tips, cheap flight deals and even talks about her student loan repayment journey on her blog, The Thought Card. Her financial expertise has taken her across the globe to over 21 countries and 3 continents (and counting), all while paying off her student loans, saving for a house, owning a home, and working full-time.

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SheNomads podcast episode featuring Danielle Des, creator of The Thought Card a travel finance blog. In this episode she tackles budgeting for travel, solo travel and lots more.