Episode 106: 12 Ways To Save Money On Summer Travel

How to save money on summer travel

Has anyone else noticed how expensive summer travel is this year? With gas prices hitting digits we haven’t seen before, along with fuel prices driving up the cost of airfare and the overall surge in domestic and international travel, travel this summer is pricey. So now is a great time to chat about how to save money on summer travel, like tracking flight prices and tapping into your points and miles stash you’ve been hoarding over the last few years. Yeah, I’m looking at you! Here are some of my favorite ways to save money on summer travel.

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How To Save Money On Travel This Summer

Here are 12 tips to save money on travel broken down into three major spending categories: accommodation, transportation, and things to do. 

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How To Save On Hotels

[3:40] Book hotels with free parking and complimentary breakfast. 

[4:29] Redeem those free hotel nights offered by your travel credit card rewards.

[6:39] Use points and miles to pay for flights and hotels, fully or partially. 

How To Save Money On Transportation

[7:47] Use an aggregator like Google Flights to compare prices and track price fluctuations.

[8:29] If you see a cheap flight, perhaps when using Thrifty Traveler Premium, book quickly. Use the promo code ‘TC10’ for $10 off your first year of Thrifty Traveler Premium.

Want to learn more about finding cheap flights? Listen to Episode 70, where I chat with Jared Kamrowski, the founder and CEO of Thrifty Traveler, who shared how to find the best flight deals and why Thrifty Traveler Premium is worth the annual subscription.

[9:18] Search flights from multiple nearby airports.  

[10:32] Pack light — carry-on only.

I’m loving Knack Bags, a slim, multi-purpose lightweight backpack that packs like a suitcase. You get a free TSA-approved lock with purchase when you use the promo code ‘TTCKNACK’ at checkout.

General Tips To Save Money On Summer Travel

[11:32] Spend fewer days/nights away.

[12:36] Chose a locale closer to home.

[12:50] Train travel is on the rise.

[13:51] Prioritize free things to do.

Self-paced walking tours like audio walking tours by Gesso are currently available in NYC, Florence, Rome, and Venice. On a tight budget, there are some free tours to get you started and paid ones.

[16:24] Visit the local grocery store and stock up on snacks.

[17:19] BYOB!

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