Rome Travel Cost: How Much Do Things Cost In Rome?

Travel Costs in Rome: How Much Do Things Cost In Rome
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Are you planning a trip to Rome but having a hard time finalizing your travel budget? Well, budgeting for Rome doesn’t have to be a guessing game. In fact, that’s why in addition to my detailed Rome budget breakdown, I’m sharing cost estimates for the essentials you’ll likely cover on your trip. I’ve included important Rome travel costs like food, transportation, lodging, attractions and more – these figures are all from my personal experience spending a week in Rome. And if you’re a budget conscious traveler who likes to save and splurge (where you see fit), I’ve also included a daily spending budget as a guide. So how much do things cost in Rome?

Costs For Visiting Rome

As of August 2017

Suggested Daily Rome Budget

Total Rome Travel Costs: 123,00 € or $145 USD per day

This daily budget is perfect for mid-range or budget-conscious travelers. It assumes you’re staying at a comfortable Airbnb, eating out for most meals and using public transportation.

If you’re on a tighter budget just scale back and adjust. And if you’re only in town for a few days, there’s plenty of things to see and do in Rome for cheap.

Rome Daily Budget Breakdown:

Transportation: 6,00 € (two round-trip Metro rides)

Lodging (Airbnb): 50,00 € per person per night

Attractions: 17,00 € (one attraction + free sights)

Food: 40,00 €

  • Breakfast: 5,00 €
  • Lunch: 15,00 €
  • Dinner: 20,00 €

Dessert, beer, or wine: 10,00 €

How Much Do Things Cost in Rome

Transportation From Fiumicino Airport To Termini Station

One-way Leonardo Express non-stop: 14,00 €

Local Train: 8,00 €

Transportation Within Rome

One-way Metro ride only (BIT): 1,50 €

24-hour ticket (CIS): 7,00 €

48-hour ticket: 12,50 €

72-hour ticket: 18,00 €

Weekly ticket: 24,00 €

Metered Parking

0,20 € for 15 minutes

1,00 € for 1 hour

4,00 € for 8 hours

70,00 € for one month


Hostel (Frugal Travel)

Night at hostel in shared room: 15,00 € – 65,00 €

Rome City Tax: 3,50 € per night for ten consecutive nights

Hostel Food

Breakfast buffet at Generator Hostel Rome: 5,00 €

  • Some hostels offer simple breakfasts which include cereal, bread, slices of meat, coffee, milk, juices, and tea.

Veggie Burger at Generator Hostel Rome: 7,00 €

Beer at Generator Hostel Rome (Happy Hour Special): 4,00 €

Baggage Storage: 3,00 €

Airbnb (Budget Conscious Travel)

The average Airbnb in Rome costs 89,00 € or $104 USD per night.

My two bedroom and two bathroom apartment close to the Vatican cost $99 USD per night. Splitting the bill with a friend meant that we each spent $49.50 USD or 42,00 € per night.

There are also plenty of affordable hotels in Rome, so browse through this list for more options.

Food From Supermarket 

5-pack of bananas: 0.90 €

4-pack of Activia yogurt: 1,80 €

6-pack of organic eggs: 1,75 €

10-pack of organic eggs: 2,50 €

Bar of Lindt Chocolate: 1,70 €

Container of tomatoes: 1,93 €

Bag of lettuce and other greens: 1,38 € – 1,68 €

Beverages From Supermarket 

Orange juice: 1,59 €

1.5L Coca-Cola bottle: 1,55 €

3-pack of Guinness Original: 3,16 €

Pinot Grigio: 6,24 €

  • In Rome supermarkets, a bottle of wine costs as low as 2,50 €

Dining Out In Rome  

Cappuccino: 1,00 € – 1,20 €

Croissant: 1,00 €

Mushroom Calzone: 5,50 €

Gelato: 2,20 €

Small Gelato from Gelato di San Crispino: 2,70 €

Pasta dish (non-meat): 9,00 € – 16,00 €

Pre-fixe lunch special: 12,00 €

House wine: 4,50 € – 6,00 €

Attractions & Things To Do

Spanish Steps: Free

Trevi Fountain: Free

Pantheon: Free

La Terrazza del Gianicolo: Free

Villa Borghese: Free

Running/Sightseeing in Rome: Free

Touramisu Rome Centro Storico Self-Guided Food Tour: $24.95 USD

Hop On-Off Rome Bus Tour: 27,00 €

Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill: 12,00 €

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with some important Rome travel costs, plug these figures into your budget. Next, create the perfect Rome itinerary knowing that at least you have your finances covered. Ciao!

These Rome travel costs were accurate when published.

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