Reasons to Visit Barbados And Things I Love About The Island

Reasons to Visit Barbados and Barbados Tourism

A few months ago, I had a hard time imagining how I would spend a week vacationing in Barbados. Since I usually go on fast-paced trips, I didn’t know what to make of spending a week in the Caribbean. Would I get bored? Would I want to go home early? No way!

Truth is, I wish I spent more time on the island. This just gives me more reason to visit Barbados again sometime soon.

Despite this trip being my first real vacation, my trip to Barbados was pure bliss. I quickly acclimated to the Bajan way of life and it set the bar very high for future beach getaways in the Caribbean. Here are four incredible reasons why I fell in love with Barbados.


Barbados Scenery

North Coast pastures and farms.  

For such a small island (21 miles long and 14 miles wide), Barbados’ landscape is incredibly diverse. The north region is quiet, mountainous and spacious while the west coast is relatively flat and lively. One of the best ways to see the entire island is to rent a car and go on a self-drive tour.

Animal Flower Cave cliffs.


Visit Barbados Beaches

White sands of Rockley Beach in Christ Church.

Visit Barbados to experience its 59 beaches which are perfect for sailing, surfing, snorkeling, diving and waterskiing.

With clear blue waters and soft white sand, all the beaches I visited on the South Coast were beautiful. My favorite beach in Christ Church was Accra Beach. Only a few blocks away from my Airbnb, I went to the beach at least once a day. Can you blame me? The water was cool, the sun was hot and the waves were gentle.

Bathsheba Beach, known for huge boulders off the shore. 

Bathsheba Beach in the North had large rock formations along the coast. I collected a ton of sea glass and seashells here and I enjoyed watching the waves crash into the boulders. Bathsheba Beach is considered one of the best surf spots on the island.


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Renowned limbo dancer performing by the beach.


“At the end of the performance, the limbo dancer put the stick on the lowest rack. The crowd anxiously awaited as she danced past the line never touching the floor. She was incredibly talented and so entertaining!” 



Bajans have an interesting sense of humor and their relaxed approach to life is admirable. Visit Barbados to experience Bajan culture. I loved listening to soca, reggae and calypso, and I even learned how to “whine”. I also enjoyed hearing natives speak Bajan, the local dialect which combines English with West African languages.



Fish cakes and rum from Tiki Bar at Accra Beach!

Fish cakes and macaroni pie were my favorite traditional Bajan dishes. I also couldn’t help myself to rice and beans, stew and roti.

There were lots of fast food restaurants like Chefette and KFC on the island but I recommend eating at small local establishments to experience the authentic tastes of Barbados. Also try Barbados’ domestic beers like Banks and 10 Saints.

Oh and don’t forget the rum!

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Vacationing in Barbados was pure bliss. Here are four reasons why I love Barbados.