Bonus: My Reaction To Losing 20% of My Portfolio Last Quarter

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While a lot of people have been freaking out about the market crashing, for the most part, I’ve kept calm, cool and collective. Knowing that the pandemic has been wreaking havoc on the stock market, I refused to check the balance of my retirement account. There’s no point in stressing about something that I have little control over. Right?! I went on this way for a while until my broker mailed my quarterly statement. In this bonus episode, I share my reaction to seeing my personal rate of return nose-dive by 20% this last quarter (January to March 2020). I also share tips for managing your emotions as an investor, and how to shift your perspective to think more positively.

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Resources Mentioned

Be Wealthy & Smart Podcast by Linda P. Jones – empowers you to financial freedom without budgets or bosses.

The NewsWorthy by Erica Mandy – helps you stay informed with quick, unbiased, and fun daily news updates.

Broke Millennial Takes on Investing by Erin Lowry is a guide to investing basics including topics such as common terminology and how to handle your anxiety during a decline.

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