Wrapped in My Raven’s Landing Turkish Towel

Raven's Landing Turkish Towel Review

Turkey continues to be one of the many destinations that I long to visit but in the meantime I’ve found a remarkable way to embrace Turkish culture with my new Raven’s Landing peshtemal (towel). Handmade by 7th generation master weavers, Raven’s Landing is an Australian based company that creates luxurious Turkish towels which pay homage to the old Turkish tradition of handlooming. Towels are designed in Australia and handmade in Turkey. This is truly an international affair.


What is handlooming?

Handlooming is the ancient art of Turkish weaving used to create towels for Turkish bath houses. A staple of the Ottoman hamam culture, peshtemals maintained bather privacy.

Instead of relying on modern-day electricity, with a handloom, artisans weave wool, cotton and silk into fabric manually. The art of handlooming dates back hundreds of years. It is one of Turkey’s unique cultural traditions passed down from generation to generation. It’s also common to find wooden looms in homes across the country.


How things are changing in Turkey

For the past twenty years or so, things have changed drastically for artisans who handloom Turkish towels. With the rise of mass produced textiles, handmaking is disappearing in Turkey.

While textile factories can produce thousands of towels a day, handmade towels are crafted individually by artisans with care. A single towel takes hours if not days or weeks to make. As a result, communities are losing their livelihoods since they simply can’t compete with factory production.


Raven’s Landing Turkish Towels

With all sorts of designs to choose from, my flat-woven peshtemal has alternating black strips. For good reason, this towel is one of Raven’s Landing’s most popular pieces. I find its earthy tones timeless.

Order your Turkish towel here.

Raven’s Landing towels are lightweight and the texture is unlike any other towel I have in my linen closet. It is extremely durable and feels of superior quality. You feel every fiber and that’s because Raven’s Landing towels are ethically made with locally dyed materials. Most of all, I find my Turkish towel’s versatility and functionality refreshing.

As a financially savvy traveler, I value multipurpose travel products which helps me travel light. It also saves me from spending money on multiple items.

Bring your stylish Turkish towel to the beach or use it as a rug, bath towel, scarf or even a throw for your couch.

As seen on the shores of Connecticut, I used my Raven’s Landing towel as a summer bath towel and shawl which I wrapped around myself when it started to get chilly at the beach.

I later used it as a large picnic rug at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida while we waited for the fireworks to start at Magic Kingdom.

When dirty simply toss your towel in the wash without ever worrying about it shrinking.

Want your own multipurpose Turkish towel that you can use all year round, check out Raven’s Landing 100% handmade towels.


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Final Thoughts

I’ve never owned a Turkish towel before so one of the things that I love about Raven’s Landing is its backstory and commitment to providing cross cultural exchange.

Raven’s Landing introduces people to Turkish handmade peshtemals while supporting the local Turkish economy. Raven’s Landing’s global reach helps Turkish craftsmen continue their livelihoods and pass on their unique skills to the next generation.

Raven’s Landing is keeping this art form alive and I can’t wait to see what new designs they come out with next.


Have you been to Turkey? What are your favorite Turkish artisanal crafts? 


Thank you Raven’s Landing for gifting me a Raven’s Landing Turkish towel, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Danielle that towel looks comfy. We visited Istanbul 2 years ago, to the day just about. Loved spending a month there and you betcha we saw ample towels around town. Ditto for gorgeous Turkish rugs. Some dude tried to sell us one but never accepted the fact we didn’t have a home for storing it LOL. Ah, the digital nomad life. Tweeted and Pinned.



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