22 Best Personal Finance Podcasts To Improve Your Financial Life

Best personal finance podcasts to improve your finances and financial literacy skills.
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Interested in listening to more personal finance podcasts? Regularly hearing inspiring and relatable money stories can motivate you to change your money mindset, and introduce innovative ways to make more money, save, pay off debt, and accumulate wealth. 

Whether you’re a busy college student, a stay-at-home parent with limited free time, have a long commute, or simply prefer consuming audio content, financial podcasts encourage us to normalize conversations around money by debunking money myths and addressing fears, concerns, and financial mistakes head-on. Money podcasts cultivate a safe space, melting away shame, and encourage the development of healthy money habits that help us reach our goals.

No matter what stage of your financial journey, there is a financial podcast that focuses on the topics you’re interested in, whether family finances, affording travel, personal finance podcasts for women, or something else!

Keep reading for personal finance podcasts you’ll enjoy listening to (and we are big fans of). Follow (or subscribe to) these shows on your favorite podcast players, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Pandora.

This blog post is written by Jael Jean-Louis.

Master Your Money With These Top Financial Podcasts

1. The Thought Card 

The Thought Card is an affordable luxury travel and personal finance podcast empowering individuals to travel the world, earn more money, pay off debt, and build wealth through actionable advice and strategies.

The award-winning and 4x grant-funded host, Danielle Desir Corbett, shares creative ways to achieve a travel-rich lifestyle, obtain financial freedom, and share motivational stories from other financially savvy travelers around the world who have tackled their financial goals and are living out their dreams.

Listen to The Thought Card on your favorite podcast player!

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2. Yo Quiero Dinero

The award-winning podcast Yo Quiero Dinero is referred to as the “swaggiest personal finance podcast” since it focuses on those who are usually overlooked by financial organizations and educators, the Latinx community.

Through candid conversations about entrepreneurship, investing, and financial independence, Jannese Torres, and her special guests, will inspire you to be more proactive about your savings and earnings. 

Sharing financial experiences from primarily women, learn from entrepreneurs of color and personal finance educators who will motivate you to work on improving your financial situation ahora mismo.

Listen to Yo Quiero Dinero on your favorite podcast player! 

3. Marriage Kids and Money

The goal of Marriage Kids and Money is to provide you and your family with financial security. Hosted by Andy Hill, listen to interviews with personal finance professionals, millionaire parents, and financially independent couples to learn how they achieved their success. Hearing from a variety of lived experiences, gain a better understanding of ways you can live the life you’ve always wanted for your family.

Listen to Marriage Kids and Money on your favorite podcast player!  

4. Money Talk With Tiff

Simplifying a variety of financial topics, join money nerd and coach Tiffany Grant, who aims to help others elevate their financial situations with education. 

Every week, listen to short but jam-packed conversations around budgeting, couponing, retirement planning, prenups and divorce, investing, starting a business, and more!

Listen to Money Talk With Tiff on your favorite podcast player!

5. The Purpose of Money

Acquania Escarne is passionate about helping others find financial freedom and build generational wealth through saving, entrepreneurship, and investing.

Prepare your family finances by learning how to protect your assets, think outside the box, and start making progress on your goals toward financial freedom. 

Listen to The Purpose of Money on your favorite podcast player!

6. The Money Mindset

One of the top finance podcasts for beginners, find out how to establish a budget, save money, and eliminate debt by listening to Ashley Patrick’s Money Mindset Podcast. Ashley believes the first step to making the necessary changes to better your life is to change your thinking. Listen to this money podcast for practical budgeting tips and advice.

Listen to The Money Mindset on your favorite podcast player! 

7. City Girl Savings

Are you committed to managing your money while working towards your dream life? For those looking to find a balance, City Girl Savings shares down-to-earth advice on navigating life and money, and building wealth while also enjoying life.

Listen to City Girl Savings on your favorite podcast player!

8. The Money Nerds

Do you want to know the secrets to financial success? The Money Nerds Podcast by Whitney Hansen, a personal finance coach, and entrepreneur, interviews all types of unique individuals sharing their juiciest stories of financial success. 

Go listen to find out the secrets to paying off debt, money-saving tips, and ways to achieve financial independence.

Listen to The Money Nerds on your favorite podcast player! 

9. The Family Money Adventure

If you are struggling with making money moves that are right for your family, then The Family Money Adventure is the right money podcast for you. 

Join Kevin Payne as he walks you through ways to improve your family finances so you can afford to create the best life for you and your family, such as learning how to plan family trips, earning more by becoming a freelance writer, and saving money for travel.

Listen to The Family Money Adventure on your favorite podcast player! 

10. The Clever Girls Know

Women can gain financial confidence and make better financial decisions by listening to The Clever Girls Know Podcast. Empowering and motivating women to gain wealth at every stage of their lives, Bola Sokunbi, shares her own financial story and those of others providing tips on how to overcome debt, prioritize saving, and budgeting.

Listen to The Clever Girls Know on your favorite podcast player! 

11. Journey to Launch 

Join Jamila Souffrant, a certified financial education instructor, as she shares how to accumulate wealth, get out of debt, and start profitable businesses. Journey to Launch explores the various ways to financial independence, including increasing your income, eliminating debt, investing, saving, and figuring out how to retire rich and early!

Listen to Journey to Launch on your favorite podcast player!

12. Brown Ambition

With the goal of wanting to create a space where Women of Color feel welcomed and catered to financially and mentally, hosts, Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche (aka The Budgetnista), use their platform to increase the voices of Women of Color in spaces that haven’t traditionally been welcoming to them. 

Learn how to build wealth unapologetically, save more, start investing, and make smart decisions about your career.

Listen to Brown Ambition on your favorite podcast player!

13. Inspired Budget

With the goal of inspiring women and helping them live their best lives by reaching their money goals, Allison Baggerly guides conversations and shares strategies to help women learn more about budgeting, saving money, paying off debt, and investing.

Listen to Inspired Budget on your favorite podcast player!

14. Everyone’s Talkin’ Money

Looking for a personal finance podcast that covers all stages? 

Everyone’s Talkin’ Money makes personal finance enjoyable, inclusive, and approachable.

Shannah, will change your perspective and relationship with money. She will give you advice on how to develop wealth at any age, achieve your goals while saving money, maintain financial wellness, stop worrying so much about money, and much more. 

Everyone’s Talkin’ Money holds safe and rich educational discussions, covering wide-reaching concepts, and methods to help you develop financial habits that are effective for you.

Listen to Everyone’s Talkin’ Money on your favorite podcast player!  

15. Networth and Chill with Your Rich BFF

Need a wealthy bestie who is knowledgeable about every aspect of money? Vivian Tu will gladly take on that role and talks openly about the advantages and disadvantages of the influence of money. 

Networth and Chill covers financial topics that relate to your life. Join your new best friend Vivian as she teaches you how to simplify difficult topics into understandable terms and invites professionals to offer guidance on how to make the most of your money.

Listen to Networth and Chill with Your Rich BFF on your favorite podcast player!

 16. The Chris Harder Show 

To provide you with the resources you need to create your own success, make as much money as you can, and use it to improve the world, successful entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Chris Harder gives you all the resources you need to achieve great success!

Tune in to The Chris Harder Show to learn tips and tricks and to hear remarkable stories of how wealthy entrepreneurs, celebrities, and influential figures have achieved enormous success while also using their fortune to improve the world.

Plus, you’ll get access to information and resources that will support the growth of your business and inspire you to achieve great things. Overall, this money podcast will provide you with the skills you need to lead an abundant and giving life.

Listen to The Chris Harder Show on your favorite podcast player! 

 17. Frugal Friends 

Control your finances by focusing on spending without all the guilt and shame of strict budgeting. Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni will motivate you to feel confident about your finances and afford more of the things money can’t buy.

This personal finance podcast is absolutely for you if you’re looking to save money, cut costs, practice minimalism, eliminate debt, or achieve financial independence.

Listen to Frugal Friends on your favorite podcast player! 

 18. Michelle is Money Hungry 

Join Michelle Jackson as she explores impactful financial topics on her award-winning money podcast about things like: what is Bitcoin, should you pay off your debt, and the minimum wage. 

Tune in for Michelle’s candid and empathetic conversations driving impact and change.

Listen to Michelle is Money Hungry on your favorite podcast player! 

 19. His and Her Money

Helping you achieve financial freedom, His and Her Money covers a wide range of personal finance issues, including debt relief, money-saving tactics, budgeting strategies, credit restoration, investments, and much more.

You’ll be able to keep a balance between managing your finances, your marriage, and everything else thanks to this top finance podcast. Becoming a millionaire is in the realm of possibilities!

Listen to His and Her Money on your favorite podcast player! 

20. Rich and Regular

On Rich and Regular, expect to hear discussions like what to do if you unexpectedly lose your main source of income, the advantages and disadvantages of overworking yourself and what it requires to be in control of how you spend your golden years.

Follow along as Kiersten and Julien Saunders share their tips and tricks, while also diving deeper into the concepts behind wise money management.

Listen to Rich and Regular on your favorite podcast player! 

 21. Don’t Go Broke Trying 

Listen to Don’t Go Broke Trying if you want your financial questions heard and answered.

Reni, The Resource is a full-time content creator who focuses on career development, lifestyle, and financial literacy in order to simplify difficult subjects and share information that can help you stay clear of costly mistakes.

Reni encourages her audience to contact her via email (or Direct Message) to let her know what kinds of topics they want to learn about and who they want her to interview next.

Get excited about your financial future by joining Reni and her chill and easy-going vibes.

Listen to Don’t Go Broke Trying on your favorite podcast player! 

22. The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real focuses on a range of adulting topics, including personal finance, interpersonal relationships, healthy living tips, and career advice. 

Knowing college does not prepare you to manage your personal finances or navigate life in general, this show covers the essential life skills required for navigating your 20s.

The host, Justin Lee Peters, focuses on giving young professionals advice on how to become responsible adults. He also interviews experts who share strategies and advice for life challenges that young adults will face in their 20s and 30s.

Some topics include how to retire in your 30s, how to accumulate a six-figure net worth in your 20s, how to start a business, achieving financial independence, and more.

If there are any personal finance topics you wished you learned in school, listen to Struggle is Real.

Listen to The Struggle is Real on your favorite podcast player! 

What are your favorite personal finance podcasts? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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