PackPoint Review: An Easier Way To Pack Your Bags With Travel Packing Lists

PackPoint Review is a travel list app that helps tracks pack for trips.
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While most travelers complain about long airport security lines and flight delays, packing is my biggest travel frustration. Not only is packing time-consuming but since I have to fit so many things in my carry-on, I usually forget to pack something important. Like the time I forgot to pack my winter coat when visiting Iceland – that packing mistake set me back $200 USD; the good news is that I learned something new, how to shop tax-free in Iceland. So while searching for a solution, I decided to check out the travel packing app PackPoint.

PackPoint is a travel app that creates custom packing lists based on your gender, destination, travel dates, trip duration, and the type of travel (leisure or business). PackPoint even checks the weather forecast and includes items to pack based on your planned activities.

After using PackPoint to pack for a week long trip to Barcelona and a few short weekend trips, this review shares my personal take on the app available on iOS and Android devices.


PackPoint Review

So you must be wondering, do I really need an app to help me pack? Well if you’re like me, then the answer is yes, absolutely!

Since I dread packing and wait until the last minute, using an intuitive app like PackPoint makes the packing process less stressful and a lot more manageable. With PackPoint, I can ditch the hassle of handwritten checklists and I’m also less likely to forget those oh-so-important travel essentials.


Who Should Use PackPoint

PackPoint is designed for travelers with limited time and short attention spans. It’s also great for travelers responsible for packing for more than one person or large families.

Even if you’re a packing expert, the app can help you effortlessly keep track of all the things you might not necessarily think about like business cards, snacks and feminine products.


How It Works 

PackPoint helps you pack quickly by thinking of nearly everything you need for an upcoming trip. After answering a few questions about your trip and travel style, choose from pre-set activities like going to the gym, hiking, running or working.

The app then creates a custom packing list and then organizes items into multiple categories like essentials, toiletries, fancy dinner, international and more. Depending on if you plan to do laundry, PackPoint will also determine how many of each item you’ll need.

Once the suggested packing list is complete all you have to do is check off what you’ve packed. Swipe left to hide what’s irrelevant. You can even add new items to the list.

Need to finish packing some other time? No problem, save your list and access it later.


Other Smart Features

Other noteworthy features include the ability to sync PackPoint to Evernote and share your packing list with family and friends via email, text message or social media.

The day before my Barcelona trip, PackPoint even sent me a helpful reminder to double check my packing list.


PackPoint Premium

For more advanced features, upgrade to PackPoint Premium for $2.99 USD.

With PackPoint Premium, create custom packing lists where you can add, edit or delete items. You can also create custom activities where you can pack for specific activities like scuba diving or windsurfing.

Honestly, it’s still unclear how this customization feature differs from the free service but then again I haven’t upgraded to test it out.

Lastly, if you decide to upgrade to premium, take advantage of the ability to automatically create packing lists from your TripIt itinerary.


Final Thoughts

Overall, PackPoint has a simple interface and it’s easy to navigate. It’s also flexible enough where you can quickly add or remove items from your list. However, I think the app is missing a few important features.


PackPoint Limitations

Since you can’t modify your travel dates you have to delete the packing list and start from scratch. This is duplicative and wastes a lot of time. Also, the “date of travel” field doesn’t have a user-friendly calendar view. The app also doesn’t allow for horizontal rotation and you cannot reuse an existing packing list. Many users also complain about randomly losing their customized packing lists and the inability to reorder items.

Although PackPoint isn’t perfect, it helps me get the job done. In fact, I spent less money during my trip to Barcelona because I didn’t have to worry about spending money on things that I forgot at home like travel adapters or a toothbrush.

Although I’m not sure that I’ll start packing ahead of time, at least PackPoint is making it a lot easier to get started.


What did YOU forget to pack for a recent trip? 

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