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Welcome to the first episode of Millennial Wealth Builders: A Women of Color’s Guide To Exponential Wealth. Co-hosted by Danielle Desir and Acquania Escarne, Millennial Wealth Builders (MWB) is a 12-part audio docuseries sharing how Women of Color are moving past obstacles and building real wealth in the 21st century. In this episode, Danielle Desir and Acquania Escarne share what sparked their interest in building wealth and their accomplishments to date. 

Syndicated on The Thought Card and The Purpose of Money, our mission with this audio docuseries is to empower, educate, and entertain millennial Women of Color between the ages of 24-39. During these pivotal years, women consider purchasing homes, starting families, and some may even be caretakers to their aging parents. While budgeting and saving are essential, wealth building in communities of Color is the best way to close the widening wealth gap.

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From salary negotiations to retirement vehicles and investing in commercial and residential real estate, each episode shares practical tips so you can take immediate action.

This limited-edition docuseries is made possible by the Plutus Foundation. Millennial Wealth Builders is the proud recipient of the Plutus Foundation Fall 2020 grant. 

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New episodes are published on the 1st of each month starting November 1st.

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