Bangerz & Mash: 8 New Plays Made For NYC Millennials

Bangerz & Mash at Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City by Brunch Theatre

When was the last time that you enjoyed a play?

More importantly, when was the last time that you enjoyed a play as a New York City millennial? I’m talking about a play that you can relate to even if you were too embarrassed to admit it.

Serving eight short plays on a platter, Brunch Theatre did just that with “Bangerz & Mash”.

Playing at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Bangerz & Mash was laugh-out-loud funny. It was bold and fearless. Most of all it dared to talk about our lives.

Poking fun at our ridiculous ways, nothing was off-limits. From bickering roommates to awkward Tinder dates, Bangerz & Mash made us laugh at ourselves. Promising fresh entertainment and catering to short attention spans, Bangerz & Mash knocked it out of the park. 


Bangerz & Mash Brunch Menu

Love breakfast for dinner? 

For Monday’s special, I helped myself to pub grub. In addition to bangers and mash, I had biscuits and jam. Mimosas were also available. 

Brunch Theatre serves brunch at every show. 


Today’s Specials

 Overshot Opening Scene of Bangerz & Mash Photo by Ellis Vizcarra

Culture Clash: Millennials reinvent dating (photo by Ellis Vizcarra)


Overshot – Opening Scene

From the opening scene, I knew that this was my kind of show. Highlighting the highs and lows of dating on OkCupid, Cupid tries to explain to his parents Venus and Mars the dating scene on Earth.

Follow the rules. 

Show interest but not too much interest. Be available but not too available. Ugh – dating in New York City is a chore!

Let’s recount our exes – ugh then again, let’s not! (photo by Ellis Vizcarra)


Cover Me – Scene II

Do you have roommates? You’ll relate to this one.

This scene blows the lid on roommate relationships.

When you first move in, things are great. However, before your lease is up, you’ll get on each other’s nerves. Eventually, you’ll end up bickering about who bought the last roll of toilet paper.

Roommates are a lot of work. And we love to hate them but we can’t live without them (literally, NYC is just too expensive). Despite the ups and downs, roommates always have each other’s back.


Original Music

Can I get an encore – We want more! (photo by Ellis Vizcarra)

In between each play, the audience got to rock out to a dynamic duo.

Performing original songs, Kerri George had great vocals and Lydia Granered killed it on the electric guitar.


Get Off Your Cell Phone (Or World War III) – Scene IV

Get Off Your Cell Phone (Or World War III) of Bangerz & Mash

Wait, you didn’t comment on my post? (photo by Ellis Vizcarra)


Get Off Your Cell Phone (Or World War III) poked fun at our cell phone dependencies. Yes, everything must be shared in real-time on social media. Do you share only for likes?

This scene also highlighted how breakups are so impersonal.

Need closure? What’s that?


The Phone Call – Scene VI

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Another hilarious play was “The Phone Call”.

You know that feeling when you hook up with someone and you haven’t heard from them in weeks, months or maybe a year? What do you do?

Obviously, you call and leave them a ton of voice messages! You spill all of your emotions and then replay the message over and over till you get it right.

I loved this scene’s authenticity. The actors had so much fun on stage that they started laughing mid-scene.


SexyBeer – Finale

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Brunch Theatre saved the best skit for last.

I laughed so hard during “SexyBeer” that my cheeks went numb. I couldn’t contain myself.

Lots of scenes ended with a cliffhanger but I didn’t expect this ending. Tinder is bad news! Or is it?


Final Thoughts 

Brunch Theatre wasn’t afraid to push the envelope and call NYC millennials out on trends, dating norms, friendships, social media and even the Venmo app.

Two sides to one love story (photo by Ellis Vizcarra)

You could laugh out loud or be rowdy without worry of any weird glances. Also, all the actors had incredible depth. Many played a range of characters. The phone operator was my favorite!

Since I left the theater in tears, I know that I’m ready for seconds. I can’t wait till Brunch Theatre comes out with another delicious special.

Oh, and remember to leave the kids (and teenagers) at home.


I was an invited guest to this show, however, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. MariaAbroad says:

    I’ve done dinner theater, but brunch theater sounds even more interesting. Would love to try it. The food seems right up my ally, I mean, I am German after all and the play sounds fun.

  2. Traveling Well For Less says:

    Brunch theatre sounds interesting. I like the plays and topics. But I’m not sure I’d want to always eat what they serve.

  3. Cat says:

    I’ve never heard of Brunch Theatre while I was living in NYC. Their plays sound fun and definitely touch on the topics I’m interested in! I will need to check them out when I visit!

  4. Kelly Dunning says:

    This looks like a play that I would really enjoy and relate to – especially the bit about getting off your phone and about housemates. Living in a shared house is a complicated situation that is ripe for comedy.


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