How To Get Cheaper Flights Through Norwegian Air Shuttle

How to get cheaper flights through Norwegian Air Shuttle.

If a flight to Europe costs more than $500 USD, more than likely, I will overlook it. I know…that’s bold, but it’s the truth. I have found lots of cheap flight deals to Europe and I think knowing when and where to look for the best deals has helped me to travel more especially this past year. I recently booked a $297 USD round-trip flight from New York City to Stockholm, Sweden with Norwegian Air Shuttle. 

Some other cheap flights I’ve booked include:

  • $448 USD round-trip tickets to Milan, Italy
  • $333 USD round-trip tickets to Lisbon, Portugal

Even my flight to Iceland cost less than $500, but let’s focus on those Stockholm flights I booked with Norwegian Air Shuttle.

A few days ago, Norwegian Air Shuttle offered round-trip flights from New York City to Stockholm, Sweden for $317 USD. This is a great deal, but with a simple travel hack, I booked the same tickets for less. How does $276 USD sound? Since I see this promotion often, I wanted to share one way that you can possibly save on your next flight with Norwegian Air Shuttle.


Booking with Norwegian Air Shuttle


Step 1: Use Norwegian Air Shuttle’s Norwegian Site

  • Open Google Chrome and visit
  • Use Google Translate to translate Norwegian to English (or your language of choice).

“If Google Translate doesn’t automatically translate, simply right click on your browser and select “Translate to English”.”


Step 2: Enter Flight Details

“Even if you don’t know exactly when you want to go, just put in placeholder dates.”

 How to get cheaper flights through Norwegian Air Shuttle; Step 2

  • Select “Lavpriskalenderen” so you can see all the flight prices for the month.
  • Hit “Search and Book”.


Step 3: Select Dates

** The cheapest dates are in bold.

  • Pick your flight dates and select “Show Flights”. 


Step 4: Currency Conversion

“Flights will be priced in NOK (Norwegian Krone). If the exchange rate is favorable, this will work in your favor.”

How to get cheaper flights through Norwegian Air Shuttle; Step 4

  • Head over to and use the currency converter to convert the Norwegian Krone to US Dollar (or currency of choice)
  • Open a new tab and head over to Select your preferred country of origin and follow Steps 1-3.
  • Compare flight prices from the Norwegian Air Shuttle’s Norwegian site to your preferred country of origin site (example: U.S.).

Norwegian Site: 2,308 Norwegian Krone = $276 USD


US Site: $316 USD


Norwegian Air Shuttle Flight ComparisonI saved $41 USD through the Norwegian site! 


Step 5: Pay with a Debit Card or Credit Card

Norwegian Air Shuttle charges a 2% surcharge for using a credit card, but if you use a debit card, the surcharge is waived. If you decide to pay with a credit card, just make sure it will not charge you foreign exchange fees.


Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when booking with Norwegian Air Shuttle is to compare your regional flight prices (in my case to the Norwegian Air Shuttle’s Norwegian site ( If the currency conversion difference works in your favor, you can save big.

I not only got a great deal to Europe, but I also saved an extra $41 USD on top of that – not bad!


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Author: Danielle Desir

Danielle Desir is a Travel Finance Strategist that uses her financial background and knack for financial planning to empower those who want to travel afford travel and excel in their personal finances. She shares creative planning strategies, saving tips, cheap flight deals and even talks about her student loan repayment journey on her blog, The Thought Card. Her financial expertise has taken her across the globe to over 19 countries and 3 continents (and counting), all while paying off her student loans, saving for a house and working full-time.