Episode 95: Pregnancy Announcement + Maternity Leave Checklist For Entrepreneurs

Danielle Desir Pregnancy Announcement
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I have big news to share. We are expecting our first child! Over the last few months, so much has been going on. Not only have I been adjusting to life as an expecting mother, but also life as a new entrepreneur (I quit my corporate job September 2021). In this episode, I share my maternity leave checklist as well as helpful maternity leave planning tips for entrepreneurs.

As we prepare for the arrival of Baby K, I’m re-evaluating my financial priorities and setting intentions for what 2022 will look like which will likely include reduced work hours, family travel/exploration, and adjusting to life as a new work-at-home mommy.

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Maternity Leave Checklist For Entrepreneurs

  • How to save for parental leave:
    • Review household budget
    • Set maternity leave or paternity leave duration (how many months will you plan to step away from work?)
    • Set a new savings goal based on household budget (household budget x leave duration)
      • Create a new bank account for your baby fund
  • Create baby registry
    • Amazon is widely used and offers fast delivery
  • Apply for leave benefits (depends on state)
  • Find a photographer for maternity shoot
  • Find baby shower location
  • Plan baby shower

Resources Mentioned

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