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From whitewater rafting in the Amazon in Ecuador to snorkeling Silfra in Iceland, my sense of adventure sees no bounds. I’ve traveled to over 24 countries and 3 continents and I believe that you can have it all if you really want it. So I ask you, are you ready to see what unique experiences the world has to offer?

Recently, Saidah Murphy and I chatted about travel on her podcast Black Girls Need Love Too: A Healing Podcast. During our talk, I shared tips for traveling the world, and how I built the confidence to explore new places alone.

As you already know, travel planning is my jam so if you’re ready to deepen your love for adventure and travel, listen to this episode.

About Black Girls Need Love Too

Black Girls Need Love Too is a podcast about creating a healing space for yourself. Saidah Murphy started her podcast after a big move from Michigan to California. After starting her life over with her daughter, she realized that in order for her to be successful in this new chapter, there were things she needed to address. The first step to healing is starting a conversation and on Black Girls Need Love Too, Saidah speaks to black women about their relationships with their hair, their skin, jobs, family and so much more.

In this episode we cover:

Remember when planning a trip – pick a destination, research how much flights and hotels cost, choose your dates, and pick things to do when you get there. Once you have everything mapped out, post your plans somewhere where you can see them every day, and actively work towards making them happen!

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The Thought Card is a podcast for financially savvy travelers looking to make more informed financial decisions – travel more, pay off debt and build wealth.

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