Pay back student loans in 5 easy ways.

6 Ways To Pay Back Student Loans Faster

After publishing my action plan to repay my student loans within the next year on Student Loans a Necessary Evil, I received so many questions about how I managed to pull this off that I decided to write a follow up post highlighting some tips for success.
Banos Ecuador Adventures

Breathtaking Adventures To Have In Banos Ecuador

Banos is Ecuador's premier adventure capital. After spending a few days exploring Quito, I arrived in Banos Ecuador and it quickly became my favorite destination in the country. Although my 3-day stay was short, I had two incredible travel…
How to Compare Airbnb Rentals and Pick the Right One

How to Compare Airbnb Listings and Choose the Right One

I can always count on Airbnb to find unique and affordable vacation rentals and apartments around the world. Airbnb offers a local experience and they are usually more affordable than hotels and resorts. They're also more comfortable…