Life Insurance For Busy Women and Moms With Jenny Life Insurance

Jenny Life Insurance: Life Insurance For Mom and Busy Women

This is a collaborative post with Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark.

Moms spend so much time living in the moment and taking care of their household and children that they often overlook preparing for their financial future. And with so many other competing financial priorities on their plate, it’s easy to see why many moms put off getting life insurance. On that note, did you know that 60% of mothers do not have life insurance and fewer women have life insurance than men?

Well, Jenny Life Insurance is on a mission to bridge the gap by changing the way women think about life insurance.

Jenny Life Insurance is an innovative Seattle-based life insurance company whose team of experienced insurance specialist, financial experts, designers and developers created the Jenny Life app to offer moms fast life coverage. However, although the app is designed for women, both men and women can get life insurance through the app.


Why Jenny Life

With Jenny Life, there are no urine samples or blood tests and more importantly, you no longer have to wait weeks for a decision. Within minutes you can get quality life insurance from the convenience of your smartphone. This makes Jenny Life the first exam free, instant decision life insurance app.

Jenny Life also understands how complicated getting life insurance can be so they’ve simplified the application process. You no longer have to spend a ton of time researching and evaluating different types of life insurance policies to find the right one. Backed by an A-rated insurance carrier, you can get up to $300,000 in coverage when you sign up.


How to use the app:

Jenny Life is easy to use.

After providing your personal information like current state, date birth and gender, the app then prepares a personalized quote.


Based on how much you’re willing to spend per month, you can adjust the amount of coverage. The more coverage you need, the more you spend per month.

The good news is that policies start with as little as $5 per month. I actually qualified for $10,000 in life insurance for less than that.

You can also avoid some of the manual data entry by taking a photo of your driver’s license.

Once your policy is in place, all you need is your debit card or credit card to get started. You will later get all of your policy documents in the mail.

Lastly, if you aren’t satisfied with your insurance policy, take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee and cancel at any time.

Download the free Jenny Life app available on Android and iOS devices.


Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Jenny Life is the first life insurance app to give users an instant decision if they qualify for life insurance. The application process takes only a few minutes and you do it all on your smartphone. In fact, without the app, you’re unable to buy life insurance!

I especially love that the app is geared towards busy women and moms but everyone is welcome to apply for coverage.

The app is straightforward and I really like the user interface and the incorporation of graphics and engaging videos. It even has some educational components that share the many benefits that a life insurance policy can offer like the ability to cover funeral costs or finance the cost of a college education and more.

These days we can do just about anything on our phones so it’s pretty cool that we can also sign up for life insurance too!


Looking for life insurance? What do you like about the Jenny Life app?

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