Investing in Hotels With Epiq Collective

Investing in Hotels with Epiq Collective
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Have you ever considered investing in hotels as a way to build wealth?

Less than 2% of hotel owners are People of Color and even fewer are women. Davonne Reaves and Jessica Myers are the youngest Black women to own a hotel property under a major chain. As the founders of Epiq Collective, they are on a mission to teach people how to become hotel owners. Epiq Collective helps investors collectively invest in commercial real estate opportunities that they may ordinarily not have access to. Their mission is to collaborate with like-minded people, buy property, and provide above-market returns for their investors. In this episode, learn how investing in hotels can help you build wealth and why it’s important to build several streams of income.

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How To Invest In Hotels With Epiq Collective

In this episode we cover:

  • How to become a hotel investor.
  • Four ways to invest in hotels.
  • Why having several streams of income is so important.
  • How to leverage your credit to purchase real estate.

Investing In Hotels Resources Mentioned

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About Davonne Reaves

Davonne Reaves is the co-founder of Epiq Collective, a hotel investment company. She is an award-winning hotel consultant and a hotel asset manager with over 14 years of experience in the lodging industry.

About Jessica Myers

Jessica Myers is the co-founder of Epiq Collective. Having renovated over $8.5 M in real estate assets since starting in 2015, Jessica is passionate about educating investors on how to get started with real estate investing and building generational wealth. 

Connect with Epiq Collective

Website: https://www.epiqcollective.com/

Instagram: @epiqcollective

Facebook: @epiqcollective

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