Episode 73: An Intro to Coast FI with Jessica from The Fioneers

Financial Independence and Coast FI with The Fioneers
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Want to retire early but don’t want to totally deprive yourself along the way? It’s possible to take a balanced approach to a financial independence. Meet Jessica (Mrs. Fioneer), the co-founder of The Fioneers, a financial independence blog focused on the intersection between financial independence and lifestyle design. Through her writing, workshops, and lifestyle coaching, Jessica helps people discover work they are passionate about and design lives they love. In this episode, Jessica shares how paying attention to her finances and reaching Coast FI has changed her life, afforded her the opportunity to walk away from a toxic job, pursue part-time work, and rest. Instead of rushing to reach her FI number, she believes in making the journey as remarkable as the destination. For Jessica, shifting her mindset and lifestyle offers her more options and the ability to focus on what truly matters.

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In this episode we cover:

  • What is Coast FI?
  • The habits Jessica has built that helped her reach Coast FI?
  • Milestones along the way to Financial Independence?
  • What life is like for Jessica after she’s reached this financial milestone.

Coast FI Resources Mentioned

Connect With Jessica from The Fioneers

Website: www.thefioneers.com

Facebook Group: Slow FI Enthusiasts

Instagram: @thefioneers

Twitter: @thefioneers


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