With (3) trips to Iceland, Iceland has quickly become one of my favorite travel destinations!

  • No Tourist Visa Required (U.S. Citizens)

  • Currency: Icelandic Króna (ISK)

  • Skip Cash Bring Card

  • Cheapest Grocery Store: Bonus and Krónan

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Iceland Food Costs: How much does food cost in Iceland?

Iceland Food Costs: How Much Does Food And Drink Cost In Iceland?

How much does food cost in Iceland? As you may have guessed (from probably doing a ton of research already), food is generally expensive in Iceland. However, in the spirit of providing you with the important information you need to financially…
Lava caving in Iceland: Vatnshellir Cave in Snæfellsnes peninsula

Caving Adventure At Vatnshellir Cave in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

From exploring the South Coast’s mighty waterfalls and black sand beaches to checking out new museums like the Tales from Iceland Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland is one of my favorite travel destinations. Iceland’s natural scenery is breathtaking…

Iceland Costs/ Budget Tips

Blue Lagoon Alternatives: Hot Springs and Swimming Pools in Iceland

Blue Lagoon Alternatives: Hot Springs and Swimming Pools In Iceland

Soaking in a hot thermal bath or taking a dip in a swimming pool is an important part of Icelandic culture. Not only do the geothermal waters (naturally heated water) offer therapy but an outdoor soak is a recreational activity that many locals…
Tax Free Shopping in Iceland

Iceland Tax Free Shopping: How To Claim Your Tax Free Refund

When I landed in Reykjavík on my birthday, I had plans to hit the ground running but as I stood in line to clear customs, something didn’t feel right. All of the other passengers had on warm winter coats but where was mine? I looked…
Iceland budget breakdown for how much Iceland really costs for 4 days.

Iceland Budget Breakdown: How Much Does 4 Days in Iceland Cost?

Figuring out your travel budget can be a grueling task so my goal is to make this process as painless as possible by helping you set realistic spending expectations for your upcoming trip to Iceland. For this Iceland budget breakdown, I've…

Things To Do

Iceland South Coast Waterfalls and Glaciers

Iceland South Coast Tour: Glaciers And Secret Waterfalls

Melting ice caps crashed into the lagoon as chunks of ice slowly drifted downstream. Surrounded by rugged rocks and dark sand plains, I stood at the foot of the Sólheimajökull glacier entranced by the gorgeous landscape. Never in my wildest…
Snorkeling Silfra in Iceland

Snorkeling Silfra: Overcoming Strong Winds & Icy Waters In Iceland

Ever seen a photo that made you want to book a flight and experience a destination immediately? Well, this is how I felt (and continue to feel) about snorkeling Silfra in Iceland. After seeing colorful underwater photos of Silfra, I knew that…
Reykjavik on a budget: things to do in Reykjavik for less than $15 USD

10 Things to Do in Reykjavik for Under $15

I would be lying if I said that I had a preset travel budget when planning my trip to Iceland. Besides the 8,000 ISK ($65 USD) that I exchanged before my departure and credit card, I winged it. Like everyone else, I heard that Reykjavík was…

Iceland winter adventures with Ashlyn George from The Lost Girl's Guide

Iceland Winter Adventures: Ice Caves and Airplane Wrecks

With only a few days until my first trip to Iceland, I've been browsing through Ashlyn George's travel blog, The Lost Girl's Guide to Finding the World for tips on the things to do in Iceland. From unusual Icelandic cuisine to speaking Icelandic, I…
Skipping Blue Lagoon in Iceland

3 Reasons Why I'm Skipping Blue Lagoon in Iceland

I’ve been lusting over Iceland for a while now. I love the natural landscapes and I can’t wait to see the glaciers, volcanoes, rainbows, caves, and waterfalls. I’m finally heading to the world's northernmost capital city in a few weeks…