Episode 69: How I Became A Financially Savvy Traveler

How Danielle Desir became a financially savvy traveler.
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Welcome back financially savvy travelers. It feels good to be back with new episodes every other Thursday for Season 6 of The Thought Card Podcast. Did you miss me? This episode is pretty special because I realized that although I’ve been podcasting for almost three years now, I haven’t shared my story yet. How did I become a financially savvy traveler? Good question. In this episode, I share how I became who I am and where I see myself moving forward. 

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In this episode we cover:

  • How I started traveling at a young age going to Haiti to visit family every summer.
  • The time in my life where I did not value travel.
  • Why I decided not to study abroad in college.
  • The lifelong promise I made to myself about always making travel a financial priority.
  • How talking about money was a normal thing growing up.
  • How I opened my first retirement account at the age of 15.
  • How I saved and went on my first solo trip to Paris in 2014.
  • How I paid off $63,000 in student loan debt in 4 years.
  • My financial focuses for 2021 and beyond.

What does it mean to be a financially savvy traveler?

Being a financially savvy traveler is deeply rooted in my passion for travel and money. It’s the ability to make smart and informed financial decisions and spend wisely on the things you value.

Looking for additional ways to pay off your student loans quickly?

In addition to tracking my daily student loan interest and using the debt snowball method where I paid off the smallest loans first to build momentum, I recommend doing your research to see what other options may work for you. Thirty-three percent of student borrowers consolidate or refinance their student loans (Source: EducationData). Refinancing may help you lower your minimum monthly payment or lower your interest rate. It’s worth considering all of your options.

Resources Mentioned

Affording Travel: Saving Strategies For Financially Savvy Travelers (book)

Managing Your Money As A New Homeowner (book)

Pre-Trip Financial Checklist (download)

Teri Ijeoma’s Trade and Travel Course – learn how to trade in the stock market, pick the right companies, and more.

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