Episode 78: How Flight and Hotel Pricing Works with Expedia’s Out Travel The System

Hotel Pricing Explained

Have you ever wondered how flight and hotel pricing works? Or why does flight pricing change so often? In this episode, Expedia’s Director of Revenue Optimization, Amy Cisneroz, shares what you need to know about pricing trends and how to get the best deal on your next trip.

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This episode was first featured on Expedia Out Travel The System Episode #10: How It Works: Air and Hotel Pricing.

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Hotel Pricing Explained

By Expedia Out Travel The System Podcast

In this episode, we cover:

  • Do booking sites increase their prices based on how long you spend on the site?
  • Is it cheaper to buy things separately, or would it be cheaper to purchase a package (for example, flight and hotel)?
  • When searching for travel deals, should you clear your cookies?
  • Does it matter if you are booking from a Mac or PC?
  • What is dynamic pricing and the factors that go into it?
  • Ways to save on travel bookings.
  • Hotel pricing trends and fluctuations.

Major Takeaways

  1. You get better deals on hotel and flight packages.
  2. Clearing cookies is not effective.
    1. Pricing varies and is determined by suppliers, competitors, and capacity or inventory.
  3. Airlines can change fares at any moment.
  4. When you’re searching, alter search parameters and be flexible on departure and arrival dates.
How pricing works on Expedia.

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Episode 78: How Flight and Hotel Pricing Works with Expedia\'s Out Travel The System
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