Episode 81: Going To College In Europe Is More Affordable Than U.S. With Jennifer Viemont

How attending college in Europe is more affordable than the U.S.
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Did you know attending college in Europe is more affordable than attending university in the United States? Jennifer Viemont discovered various ways students can receive a bachelor’s degree affordably in Europe. The best part is that no foreign language skills are required. With tuition averaging around $7,400 per year, there are over 1,800 English-taught programs in Europe. There are also hundreds of options under $4,000 and several that are tuition-free for international students. Jennifer Viemont is the founder of Beyond The States, a resource that helps American families and students navigate English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Europe and Ireland. Her son currently attends a university in Europe. She also recently moved her entire family from North Carolina (USA) to Portugal. In this episode, Jennifer Viemont shares how you can spend less by going to college in Europe while exploring the continent.

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In this week’s extended interview, Jennifer shares the process of moving to Portugal and some of her favorite activities and attractions you don’t want to miss when you visit.

European Colleges Are More Affordable Than American Universities

In this episode, we cover:

  • Common reasons students decide to attend college overseas versus America. 
  • Is it cheaper to go to college in Europe?
  • Why are colleges and universities in Europe more affordable than American colleges?
  • What are the most popular European countries for Americans to attend college?
  • Most misconceptions about attending European colleges.
  • Some of the things that we should be looking for when picking a university abroad.
  • How do students pay tuition in Europe?

Resources Mentioned:

  • Beyond the States Memberships (monthly and annual):  Get searchable database of all 1,900+ English taught Bachelor’s or 6,500+ Master’s Degree Programs in Continental Europe, Q&A questions, and office hours.

Read the Book:

Connect with Jennifer Viemont

Website: https://beyondthestates.com/

Instagram: @beyondthestates

Facebook: BeyondtheStates

Twitter: @beyondthestates and @JViemont


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