5 Reasons to Plan a Girl’s Trip to Miami

5 Reasons to Plan a Girl's Trip to Miami

Whether it’s the thick of winter or summer, it’s always a great time to go on a girl’s trip. Not sure where to go? After traveling with my best friends to destinations like Bermuda, Italy, Croatia and Iceland, Hotels.com asked me to share more about one of my favorite girl’s trip destinations. Miami offers oceanfront hotels, pristine beaches, cruise access and more. If you want to get away for a weekend or longer, here are some fun things to do in Miami for you and your girls.

Miami is a great weekend getaway

East coast residents can get to Miami in just a few hours via direct or a connecting flight. That means you can make your getaway to Miami a short or long trip. Figure out dates that work for everyone, clear your schedule and pack your bags. Use this girl’s trip to Miami to catch up, soak up some sun, and have lots of fun. Day or night, South Beach Miami is always lively and entertaining.

Get a great deal and stay at the best boutique hotels, big chain hotels, and resorts in Miami. The best neighborhoods to stay in Miami include Little Havana, South Beach, and Downtown Miami. 

Best destinations for a weekend getaway with friends.
My bestie and I.

Beach Please

All year round Miami is on average 75 °F or higher. That means it’s perfect for bikini weather. Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, but Miami, in particular, has some of the most popular beaches on that list.

If you book the right accommodation, you can get to a beach by walking, riding a bike, or a short car ride. Once you arrive at the beach, stand up your umbrellas and chairs, and soak up the rays. When you get hungry, don’t travel far, eat at delicious five-star restaurants or cabanas along the shore.

Take on the Night

In Miami, there is something for everyone to do at night. If you’ve never been there before, consider taking the Big Bus Miami night tour. It takes you to the popular landmarks in about 90 minutes and you get to see Miami at it’s best, studded with lights!

If you want to capture the best pictures, take the Miami sunset photography tour. Here you’ll get a mini introduction to photography with photo composition and camera setting walkthroughs. Then tour the city and capture the best sunset shots. Afterward explore the Art Deco District (Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue for the best views). The Art Deco District is the country’s largest concentration of pastel-hued Art Deco and Miami Modern architecture. Remember to bring a camera and your tripod.

You can also see Miami and the night lights from above if you book a City Skyline Tour. A pilot takes you in a helicopter or seaplane to see the lights from the best vantage point. From high above, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Lastly, you cannot go to Miami with the girls and not visit Miami’s South Beach–the party capital. Choose to hang out at a lounge, pub, or club. Many restaurants offer beach ocean views and happy hour drink specials. Check out these top things to do in Miami.

Tastes of the Caribbean

Miami is a beautiful melting pot of the best Caribbean cuisine and it will not disappoint. It is most popular for Cuban food that makes you feel like you are in Havana. However, Miami also offers other delicious food from Haiti and Jamaica. After you grab a bite to eat, dance the calories away with salsa dancing or club hopping. Great eats and drinks can make for fun conversation and joyful memories.

Go Cruisin’

Miami is the “Cruise Capital of the World.” One way to start an epic vacation is to spend a few days in Miami, followed by a cruise to the Caribbean or beyond. With over 5 million cruise passengers passing through every year, why shouldn’t you be one of them?

The Port of Miami is large enough to welcome the biggest and best vessels in the cruise industry. Some range from luxurious adventures made for celebrities to Disney adventures for kids and adults. The destinations are almost endless. With over 18 companies and more than 40 ships departing from Miami, you can find the best cruises for your all-girls crew. These cruises whisk passengers off to private beach islands in the Bahamas, historical sites in Mexico or island-hop between Aruba, Curacao, Bermuda and more.

Are you ready for a girl’s trip to Miami? If so, round up the girls. Plan out each moment or simply relax and recharge. Either way, Miami has plenty to offer.

Ultimate Girl's Trip Guide to Miami

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5 Reasons to Plan a Girl\'s Trip to Miami
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