29 Irresistible Gifts For Travel Couples

Gifts for travel couples and gifts for travel lovers.
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What’s a good gift for couples who like to travel? Couples who travel together stay together. While I wish that were (always) the case, traveling with a significant other has many long-lasting benefits. Spend time together, create memories, and experience new things. Work as a team as you navigate new surroundings, reconnect with one another, and rekindle the romance. See your partner at their best and sometimes at their worst. Travel deepens the bond. Whether you’re looking for a travel gift for couples to celebrate a honeymoon or baby-moon, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just because, keep reading to get ideas for incredible travel gifts for couples. Some will be small travel gifts, while others are more experiential. Either way, all will be gifts traveling couples will love. Plus, all of these items I either currently own, have owned, or have these items on my wish list.

We cover:

  • What to get couples who love to travel
  • Travel gift ideas for couples
  • Gifts couple will actually use!

Gifts For Couples Who Travel

What do you get a couple who loves to travel?

Helpful Tip: Make your gifts for travel couples stand out by personalizing them with their names, custom illustrations, and sentimental notes. 

1. Travel Fund Box 

Saving for travel can be fun with a travel fund box or travel fund jar.

Help your favorite travel couple stay motivated by allowing them to visually see their progress as they save for their next unforgettable vacation. 

The perfect couple’s gift, a vacation piggy bank, will hold loose bills and spare change, keeping their travel dreams front and center. Before you know it, they’ll be on their way! 

Choose from travel fund boxes, glass jars, ceramic coin banks, and more. Customize the color, font, and messaging.

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2. Flight Deal Subscription Service 

For the jet-setting couple, gift an annual subscription to Thrifty Traveler Premium, where they’ll get access to flight alerts sent straight to their inbox.

Departing from the US and Canada, your favorite traveling pair will save hundreds of dollars on airfare, access award sales, discounted first-class and business-class tickets, and more!

Learn more about Thrifty Traveler Premium.  

3. Instant Cameras 

Instant cameras were a big part of my childhood, and I’m thrilled they are back in style!

Capture and print photos instantly with a Fujifilm Instax Mini. Throw it over your shoulder and take it everywhere. Also, choose from a variety of fun colors. 

Helpful Tip: Analog cameras cannot connect to other devices. Hybrids are Bluetooth compatible and can print photos from mobile. 

4. Mini Photo Shoot 

Getting dressed up for a photoshoot in a new city is one of my favorite travel experiences. 

After our memorable experience with Shoott in Orlando, I recommend these free mini photo shoots to couples whenever possible. 

Hiring a professional photographer can be pricey, especially when traveling. Instead of paying full price for a photographer, gift a Shoott instead.  

Here’s how it works.

Available in cities across the US like New York City, Boston, and Chicago, the couple can book a free 30-minute mini photo session with a prepaid Shoott gift card. They only pay for the stunning photos they love. Shoott gift cards range from $25 to $295. 

Get a Shoott gift card here

5. Couples Bucket List Journal 

With a bucket list journal or travel journal, write down all the places to visit and tick them off one by one. Some journals allow you to jot down your feelings and memorable moments, while others have mood boards, detailed itineraries, and packing lists. 

6. Travel Backpack

Want to gift the perfect grab-and-go weekend bag or travel backpack that’s stylish and professional? Knack Bags will not disappoint. The Small Series bags are a favorite among professionals who travel for work, while the Knack Expandable Sling Bag is the perfect gift for minimalists who pack light. 

All Knack bags have a laptop sleeve, an expandable suitcase compartment for outfits, and extra spaces for other essentials. Slim, lightweight, and expandable, it goes from the office to the plane to the hotel.

We love using our Knack bags for day trips, road trips, and as a carry-on.

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7. Audiobooks

Whether on a road trip or a long flight, an Audible subscription offers travel couples plenty of hands-free entertainment. 

8. Foldable Water Bottle 

Taking up little space, stay hydrated with a rollup water bottle. It’s compact, durable, leakproof, and fits in luggage or hangs on a bag for quick access.

9. Spa Gifts for Couples

Ah, rest and relaxation.

Melt the day-to-day stress away with a relaxing spa day.

Enjoy facials, a couples massage, or soak in the hot tub, mineral pool, steam room, or sauna.

10. Travel Guides or Travel Books  

Are you looking for a thoughtful travel gift? Do you know of a destination your favorite travel couple wants to go to? 

Travel guides and language books with key phrases they should know make great gifts for traveling couples. With a physical travel guide, highlight sections, scribble down notes, and get insider tips. Help them plan the perfect trip!

Some of my favorite travel reads include:

How do you afford to travel the world?

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11. Travel Themed Puzzles 

Perfect for at-home downtime, this travel gift idea for couples will inspire them to dream about places they’d like to visit and the experiences they’d enjoy having together. 

Choose from national park puzzles, world landmarks, large complex 1,000-piece puzzles, rollup jigsaw puzzles, or picturesque landscapes. 

12. A Year of Dates 

With simple prompts for dating inspiration, this couples gift will encourage traveling couples to spend quality time together laughing, trying new things, and making new memories. 

With 52 date ideas, go on a new adventure every week or spread out your dates throughout the year.

Buy A Year of Dates on Amazon.

13. Travel Memory Box

A travel memory box or travel memory book is a cherished gift for couples who love to travel. Have a safe place to keep boarding passes, tickets, maps, postcards, photographs, or whatever their heart desires. 

Give the couple special instructions to review the contents inside the box annually on a special day like their anniversary. 

14. Location-Inspired Candles 

Who said you need to go on vacation to set the vacay vibes? Walk down the streets of Paris, smell the floral breeze in Malibu, get a whiff of the Catskills mountains, or step into a lux hotel lobby with location-inspired scented candles that will transport you around the world. 

To make this gift more personal, find a candle inspired by their favorite cities or destinations they hope to visit sometime soon.

15. Speakers 

One of the best gifts for couples who travel is portal speakers. Whether relaxing in a hotel room, by the pool, at the beach, or playing music while getting ready for a night out around the town, speakers that are lightweight, portable and offer clear sound is a good investment. 

Some portable speakers for travel include Bose SoundLink Flex and Tribit XSound Go Speaker.

16. Noise Canceling Headphones 

Alternatively, noise-canceling headphones are essential for getting work done or blocking out noise while on a plane, train, or in public places. Noise-canceling headphones double as a great gift for everyday use! 

17. Picnic or Beach Towel

A practical travel gift, lounge comfortably at a park or the beach with a picnic towel or quick-dry beach towel.

18. Gift Cards 

Unsure of what to get your favorite travel couple? 

Without booking flights or rentals, give the gift of travel with gift cards from Delta, Hotels.com, Airbnb, Amtrak, or Southwest Airlines. Other options travelers may enjoy include Starbucks or Uber gift cards.

Be mindful of gift card rules and note restrictions or expiration dates. 

19. Personalized Passport Holders 

Protect passports with passport holders, a passport case, or a passport wallet with extra storage for cash, credit cards, and even a pen for on-the-go signing. Water-resistant passport holders with a slot for boarding passes, business cards, zippered coin pockets, and the ability to hold several passports are all useful features for travelers. 

20. Matching Luggage Tags 

No more suitcase mixups!

Spot your bags more easily on the carousel with matching or personalized luggage tags or straps that wrap around your bags. 

Customize with your favorite colors or personalize with names. Leather, acrylic, and metal are also options. 

21. Tripod Selfie Stick 

For a practical gift, gift a selfie stick and a tripod that will allow traveling couples to take photos of themselves. Extendable and detachable Bluetooth remote-operated selfie sticks help with distant shots. 

Other helpful phone photography accessories include lighting, a mobile photo printer, and gimbals for stabilization. 

22. Tinggly – Couples Gift Experiences

Prefer giving experiential gifts over material gifts?

For experiential travel gifts for couples, gift a Tinggly experience gift box. Choose to gift an experience or a getaway for one or two nights.

Here’s how it works.

Pick a Tinggly gift box.

Then the travel couple chooses from thousands of incredible, and unforgettable experiences in locations worldwide. With no expiration dates, they choose what they want to do, when, and where.

Options include spending one night in New York City, have a relaxing experience in Arizona, skydives, balloon rides, and so much more.

23. Couples Travel Map

Travel maps are fun decorative pieces and great conversation starters.

Show off all the locations visited around the world with a travel map. With a lot of different options, choose from push-pin travel maps to scratch-off travel maps, and photo travel ones too.

24. Luggage Scale

This highly practical gift will help traveling couples accurately weigh their suitcases, avoiding excessive baggage fees and ensuring they meet airline weight requirements.

Compact and portable, luggage scales are easy to use, simplifies the packing process and comes in handy for couples who travel internationally or those who tend to overpack. Also, easy to pack if need be since it’s lightweight.

Purchase luggage scales on Amazon.

25. Toiletry Skins

With this practical travel gift, your favorite couple will never have to worry about liquids spilling inside their carry-on and luggage. These leakproof skins stretch to cover toiletries like lotions, shampoo bottles, makeup, sunscreen, toothpaste, and whatever else may leak in luggage — even full size bottles.

While toilet skins stretch to fit different bottle shapes, they are not for pump tops.

Purchase toiletry skins on Amazon.

26. Portable Hangers

Hotels and cruises always have limited hangers in the closet. A versatile gift, foldable and portable hangers come in handy after washing clothes, drying swimsuits, or hanging items and clothing from babies to adults.

Purchase travel hangers on Amazon.

27. 4-in-1 USB Cable

Ditch having to pack a bag full of cables for a variety of electronics. This one heavy-duty four port cable can charge an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, laptop, AirPods, and handheld gaming consoles.

For road trips, this multi charging cable supports CarPlay & Android Auto, charging and navigating at the same time.

Purchase a 4-in-1 USB cable on Amazon.

28. Travel Pillow and Blanket

Get comfy in a car, on a plane or train, while camping, or anywhere else with a 2-in-1 all season blanket and pillow, the perfect place to rest your head.

Perfect for long-haul flights, snuggling, and those who often get cold and appreciate warmth.

Purchase a travel blanket and pillow on Amazon.

29. Luggage Cup Holder

Hands free travel is now possible with a luggage beverage caddy which fits nicely on suitcase handles for instant convenience. Ideal for couples with children, business travelers, or anyone who frequently travels by plane. Fits coffee bugs, bottles, tumblers, or water bottles.

Purchase luggage cup holders on Amazon.

What other travel gifts for couples would you add to this list?

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