New York City Resources For Finding Fun Things To Do in NYC

There’s never a dull moment in the Big Apple. Yet, if you don’t know where to look for things to do in NYC, you can easily find yourself on the sidelines missing out. Whether you’re a New Yorker making plans for the weekend or a visitor putting together a 48-hour New York City itinerary, tap into resources that will help you uncover more of the city. 

From weekly publications to adventurous NYC blogs, here are 11 insightful resources for spotting exciting things to do in NYC.

Where To Find Things To Do In NYC

Time Out New York

Experience the best of New York City with inspiration from Time Out New York Magazine. Time Out New York is a high-quality magazine that shares the latest movies, theater shows, art exhibitions, restaurants, bars and more.

This magazine is perfect for street-savvy locals and newcomers who want to discover more of the local scene in New York City.

Made free as of April 2015, Time Out New York distributes magazine copies every Wednesday. Pick up your free copy from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at any of the 150 locations in Manhattan (Grand Central Station), Brooklyn (Brooklyn Public Library) and Queens (Queens Botanical Garden).

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amNewYork is a free non-traditional daily newspaper that targets young professional with a busy lifestyle. It reports on topics that matter. Articles are straightforward and easy to read. amNewYork also runs a weekly column of things to do in New York City.

I often read the “Cheap$kate” section for free events happening around the city. This week, amNewYork recommends heading to FDR Four Freedoms Park for the semi-annual Manhattanhenge!

Download the app for the latest news, real-time updates, things to do and more.


Rally is an online publication that focuses on unique activities and eats in New York City. It also covers San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Expect catchy articles like “15 Delicious Food and Drink Events This Summer in New York City”. Or “5 Ways to Escape New York City Beside the Beach This Summer”.

Rally is perfect for denizens or visitors looking to narrow their search on things to do or eateries to try. Check out the calendar to see what’s coming up next and rally your friends!


Eventbrite is a self-service ticketing platform that allows you to find and create events. Find plenty of things to do in NYC by searching by city, date, and price.

Search for a particular event or simply browse interesting events nearby.

The Skint

The Skint is an online publication that lists free and inexpensive events and activities all over New York City. Count on exhibits, performances, film screening and pub events. Subscribe for daily email updates.


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The self-proclaimed “official guide of New York”, is an online publication. Written by city-exploring experts, it helps visitors find things to do, lodging and places to eat throughout the city.

Although I don’t use that often, I’ve found it helpful for attending larger events like Broadway Week and Restaurant Week.


Groupon is another great resource to remedy the fear of missing out. It offers great deals and discounts on activities, entertainment, and restaurants. From time to time they even offer discount codes, so be on the lookout.


Gravy is a trendy app that allows users to make plans for the night, weekend, or an upcoming trip. But there’s a twist.

Gravy shows you events based on your mood!

Gravy finds unique activities throughout the city that corresponds with your personality or how you’re feeling.

Like a Local

Skip the tourist traps and try something new with the hidden spots uncovered app Like a Local. Discover hidden gems by “following the advice of locals that know their city inside out.” The app is available in 61 countries. Discover cafes, restaurants, and bars that locals love.

The New York City guide has 195 tips and 8 tours by over 88 locals. This is enough to keep you busy for a long time!

The real-time stream feature also allows you to conveniently see places open near you.

Rendezvous En New York

Rendezvous En New York is a lifestyle and travel blog that focuses on exploring New York on a budget. The blog follows Trudy as she recounts her favorite local foods, shops, art events, and music festivals. She also shares tidbits about her personal life.

Sarah Funky

What happens when you decide to leave your 9-5 grind in New York City and travel the world instead?


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SarahFunky is a resource for where to travel, how to adventure and things to do worldwide. It follows Sarah’s many adventures across the globe as she tries new things and experiences different cultures.

She promotes “living the life that you want to live, NOT the one that you’re told to live.”

As the New York Adventure Columnist, follow my local adventures on SarahFunky which include water rafting, DIY classes, and more.

What resources do you use for things to do in NYC? 

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  1. knycx says:

    Wow a lot of things to see and do in NYC and that’s great to know there are so much resources available! Every time I am in town I could go and see something new and current 🙂 Thanks a lot for the introduction. @ knycx.journeying

  2. Megan Claire (@mappingmegan) says:

    Great list of resources – I really love using Groupon when I travel, and I love that you included it here in your list, as I think people forget about it and think of it as more a “local” website to utilize when you’re back home. But if you change your location settings it’s an awesome way to get cheap activities when you’re traveling, and actually get great ideas of what to do. Great list, thanks!


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