Episode 77: Investing Your Way To Financial Independence With Jay From FIers

FIers Financial Independence Calculator - Investing Your Way To Financial Independence
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After creating two venture-backed startups and working in high-tech, Jay wanted a more indie balance to life. He started by automating his finances (spending, investing, etc.) and planned to leave his golden handcuffs behind. That’s when he discovered FI/RE and he has been actively involved in the community building tools ever since. FIers is a financial independence calculator and forecasting tool that helps you plan your path to financial independence. It will help you know when you could reach financial independence, how to get there, and if you are on the right track. This tool is perfect for those who want to dig into the details without managing a spreadsheet. In this episode, Jay shares the important things we should consider before investing, in what order we can prioritize investing, and how forecasting tools can help us plan ahead.

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Financial Independence Calculator

Trade & Travel Course

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In this episode we cover:

  • What important things should we consider before investing?
  • The most popular types of investments:
    • Pre-tax retirement accounts
    • Post-tax retirement accounts
    • Post-tax investments
  • In what order should we prioritize investing?
  • How forecasting can help us better plan for the future.
  • What inspired Jay to create a financial independence calculator and forecasting tool.

As promised here’s Jay’s investing ladder. I’m all about the visuals.

Connect With Jay from FIers

Website: https://fiers.co/

Twitter: @FireFriar

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