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Jenny Life Insurance: Life Insurance Coverage for moms and families

Jenny Life: Life Insurance Coverage Cost Savings & Benefits

This is a collaborative post with Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark.  So far, we've talked about protecting your family and wealth as well as how Jenny Life is changing the way busy moms get life insurance coverage. Now let's switch gears…
Jenny Life Insurance: Prepare for death bills with Jenny Life App

Protect Your Family and Wealth With Jenny Life App

This is a collaborative post with Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. A few years ago right before my mom was scheduled for a big surgery, she sat me down and we reviewed the next steps if she died. Although this wasn’t the easiest conversation…
2018 Financial Goals and Quarterly Check In

Top 2018 Financial Goals and Q1 Check In

Every year I set financial goals for myself. This year's list is on a crumbled piece of paper but don't let its shabby appearance fool you. I am extremely committed to accomplishing my money goals. However instead of keeping my financial goals…
Best Way To Pay Off Student Loans: Two Approaches To Paying Off Student Loans

Best Way To Pay Off Student Loans With These Two Repayment Methods

Although there are all sorts of ways that you can pay off your student loans faster, there's no circumventing the fact that you have to make payments (of hard cash) to get rid of debt. A bit of a no brainer right? But I'm willing to bet that…
Jenny Life Insurance: Life Insurance For Mom and Busy Women

Life Insurance For Busy Women and Moms With Jenny Life Insurance

This is a collaborative post with Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. Moms spend so much time living in the moment and taking care of their household and children that they often overlook preparing for their financial future. And with so many…
Pay Student Loans and Travel

Tips For Affording Travel While Aggressively Paying Off Student Loans

Can you travel while paying off student loan debt? Absolutely! With a lot of planning and discipline, you can afford to do both. As Paula Pant says from Afford Anything Podcast, you can afford anything but not everything. This means that you…