Know How Much You Owe Federal Student Loans Course

Learn how to identify and organize your federal student loans in one place with this federal student loans course!

I’m so excited to announce that my new online course Know How Much You Owe: Federal Student Loans is open for enrollment. I created this course to help people with federal student loan debt figure out how much they owe and organize their loans – the first step to strategically paying off debt.

Oh, and yes, this course is completely free to join!




Why I created this course?

While paying off $63,000 of student loan debt, I started to document my student loan journey on my blog via student loan quarterly updates. My first update came out January 12th, 2016 when my balance was $25,000. Back then, I was living at home, knee deep in paying off my student loans.

Although these blog posts are insightful, they aren’t necessarily the right fit for those who want to get started with strategically paying off their student loans.

This course changes that.

I created this course to help people with student loans get ahead of their debt and pursue the things they love. But I wanted the course to start from the very beginning (which is often overlooked). Know How Much You Owe: Federal Student Loans shares what I believe is the first step to paying off student loan debt.


In this course you’ll learn:

  1. How to figure out exactly how much you owe in federal student loans (private student loans are not covered in the course)
  2. How to identify lenders


You’ll also have access to two bonus resources:

  1. A student loan tracking worksheet
  2. Glossary of key terms


How it works

In this self-paced four-day course, you’ll get one email a day.

After the four days, you’ll have a better understanding of your current federal student loan portfolio as well as resources you can use to track your repayment progress.


Why is this course free?

Since having student loans is already stressful, I’m removing any financial burden that may prevent you from focusing on your student loan debt and taking action.

In the future, I plan to host webinars and workshops as well as create premium courses that will encourage you to learn more about strategically paying off your debt.

If you’ve been waiting to tackle your debt, there’s no better time to get started.

Start the free four-day federal student loans course now!

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