Episode 8: FinCon First-timer Insights with Yasmine Bisumber

First Timer Perspective at FinCon

I just got back from attending my first FinCon conference in Orlando, Florida. I’m still buzzing from all of the excitement! There I met many influencers in the personal finance space including Yasmine Bisumber. Yasmine and I connected instantly – we are both passionate about personal finance and this was our first FinCon conference. Yasmine Bisumber is a Realtor and Lifestyle Strategist with a passion for personal finance. She helps entrepreneurs and influencers build wildly successful businesses while designing a fully-funded lifestyle. In this episode, we chat about what it’s like attending FinCon for the first time.

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What is FinCon?

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FinCon is a 4-day conference where digital content creators can connect with each other, brands, and media. At the conference over 2,000 attendees learned how to make better content, reach their audience, and make more money.

FinCon is the ideal conference for bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and influencers as well as media companies and brands like financial advocacy organizations, FinTech companies, banks, credit unions, and more. It is truly where money and media meet (conference tagline). The conference includes sessions, workshops, events, keynotes, meetups, exhibits, and tons of networking opportunities. 

Even if you’re not a personal finance content creator, I still recommend attending – that’s how valuable I think it is!

In this episode we cover:

  • Our top goals for attending FinCon18
  • Tips for new FinCon attendees
  • Our favorite things about FinCon
  • How to connect with attendees
  • What we learned that has transformed our businesses

Resources Mentioned

FinCon – Where Money & Media Meet 

The First Timer’s Guide to #FinCon18

Download the FinCon app – Search in the app store (Android and iOS) for “FinCon”

FinCon18 Budget Breakdown: How Much Did FinCon Cost?

Want to learn more about investing in the stock market? Check out Episode 7 where I chat with Teri Ijeoma another FinCon attendee I met in Orlando!

Photo by FinCon. 

Can’t get enough of FinCon? For more info, check out TruFinancials FinCon18 Review!

See you next time for Episode 9 where we chat with Christine Hasebrink about quitting her job to become a safari guide in Africa.

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Episode 8: FinCon First-timer Insights with Yasmine Bisumber
Episode 8: FinCon First-timer Insights with Yasmine Bisumber
Episode 8: FinCon First-timer Insights with Yasmine Bisumber
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