Episode 58: Excerpts From Traveling With A Full-Time Job

With the release of every new book, I share an excerpt on the podcast. In this episode, I read excerpts from Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of my newest release Traveling With A Full-Time Job. In Chapter 2, we address the elephant in the room. We discuss the challenges many face trying to find the time to travel with traditional nine-to-five jobs. And in Chapter 3, I encourage readers to address any limiting beliefs they may have so we can come up with effective solutions. Remember, time is your biggest asset. Now start treating it like one!

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Don’t forget with your purchase, you also get access to a bonus video featuring four avid travelers who share advice for managing your time and why pursuing your career should not hold you back from traveling the world.

Press play to preview or check out the show notes for tips for traveling with a full-time job.

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