Episode 15: Traveling as a Single Parent with Kids with Daniela Gibbs

We Travel Too - Daniela Gibbs and Jadon
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Although traveling the world as a single parent isn’t something that we hear a lot about, there are single parents out there who are opting to move abroad and live nomadic lifestyles with their children. Daniela Gibbs is a perfect example. Daniela Gibbs is a single mom who travels with her son. Together Daniela and her son have embraced the nomadic lifestyle and moved to Thailand. They plan to call Germany home next. Daniela inspires parents to travel with their children and informs them of the possibilities of achieving their goals, especially travel goals, through sheer will, desire and determination. Yes, single parents can travel the world with their kids too!

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In this episode we chat about:

  • What inspired Daniela to move abroad with her son
  • How moving abroad has changed her family dynamic
  • The top destinations she considered when moving abroad including:
    • Indonesia
    • New Zealand
    • Colombia
    • Thailand
  • What life is like living abroad in Thailand
  • Factors to consider when moving abroad with children
    • Safety 
    • Fertility of the market 
    • Cost of living 
    • Food 
    • Cultural immersion (strong family values)
    • Natural landscape 
    • Political climate
    • Language 
  • Is living in Thailand as cheap as they say?
  • Average cost for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Thailand
  • The difference between worldschooling and unschooling
  • How parents can reinforce learning with CCQs (concept checking questions)
  • Debunking myths parents have about the nomadic lifestyle

What is unschooling?

Worldschooling and unschooling are alternatives to traditional educational curriculum which offers a more natural and holistic approach to learning.  

Unschooling is the natural method of learning – children have a natural desire to learn and understand the world around them by watching, engaging and experiencing things either on their own or with family.  

With unschooling you don’t follow a curriculum but instead allow the child to take control of their own education pursuing their interests and passions. 

What is worldschooling?

Worldschooling takes the unschooling concept and adds travel. Worldschooling is a global approach to education. 

Worldschooling is when you let exploring destinations and experiencing and interacting with the world guide a child’s learning.

Essentially you’re letting cultures, religions and the way of life do the teaching. With worldschooling, the world is a classroom!  

Since worldschooling doesn’t have an official definition, each family defines worldschooling differently – there is no right or wrong way to do it. 

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Daniela Gibbs:

Daniela is the author of “We Travel Two” the resource guide for keeping your child educated while traveling.

“We Travel Two” is a 3-part series (part 2 and 3 coming soon) that shares educational tips and resources for traveling parent(s) dispelling common fears that single parents can’t show their children the world.

Instagram: @wetraveltwo

Twitter: @we_travel_two

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