Find International Flight Deals with Dollar Flight Club

How to find cheap flight deals with Dollar Flight Club
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I am obsessed with cheap flights. When planning any trip, I always start by researching the cost of the plane ticket then I use different tools like Google Flights and Skyscanner to establish a flight price baseline. Next I figure out the average cost of airfare from my local airport and lastly I try to beat it. I hope this all doesn’t sound too complicated, but just in case it does, recently my flight searches have gotten a lot easier after signing up for The Dollar Flight Club (DFC), a flight deal alert subscription service which helps people save money and time by finding cheap domestic and international flight deals.

The DFC team searches for flights and when they find a really cheap one (deals between 60-90% off), they send you an email alert. They also update your member profile with deals which you can access on their website or get text messages sent directly to your phone.

Over the past few years, Dollar Flight Club has saved its members millions of dollars on airfare. On average you can save over $500 on flights and you can get started for free!

After using this service for six months and booking several flight deals because of them, I’m excited to share with you my thoughts on the premium version of this service.

Dollar Flight Club Review

Is Dollar Flight Club Worth It?

Basic Membership

Although the basic membership is free, it is limited. You only get access to 25% of the flight deals which means you only get one deal per day. The free version also has ads.

As a free member, these flight deal alerts include all available destinations leaving from your region, but your specific airport may not always be included on the list.

Emails specific to your departure airport and region are only available to premium members.

Dollar Flight Club Premium Membership

Premium membership starts at $40 a year for the annual membership or $9 a month. If you pay monthly, you’ll end up spending $108 so I recommend going with the annual membership for the most savings.

With premium you get 4x more deals than the free version. You can filter by five specific departure airports, avoid ads, and you get deal alerts before free members. Premium members also get access to discounts with partners like Acanela Expedition, Huckberry, and Topo Designs.

If you aren’t satisfied, remember, you can cancel anytime.

Another great benefit to signing up for the premium membership is access to mistake fares and secret sales. These are my favorite!

What is an error fare?

Error fares are incorrectly priced flights. A few years ago Etihad, an airline based in the United Arab Emirates was offering $187 flights from New York City to Abu Dhabi. The average price is around $925 for a round-trip flight so those who booked these mistake fares saved $738!

Mistakes like this happen, but to take advantage of them you have to act fast before the fares sell out or the airline realizes and adjusts the price. If you’re looking for the best flight deals, it’s extremely important to know when an error fare pops up. DFC can help with that.

What sort of deals can you expect?

When I travel to Europe I generally don’t pay more than $350 USD. However, Dollar Flight Club has sent me plenty of deals that beat even the low prices I usually go for.

I found a $311 round-trip flight from New York City to Rome, Italy. I also found a $292 round-trip flight from New York City to Paris, France. This is less than what it costs to travel domestically!

Yet the DFC deals aren’t only limited to Europe. I recently received alerts for a $313 flight from New York City to Lima, Peru and a $337 from New York City to Medellin, Colombia. These flights usually cost $687 and $600 respectively.

What about domestic flights? Don’t worry they got that covered too.

The Weekend Warrior Domestic Getaway Deals feature convenient weekend dates and nonstop flights leaving from your home airport.

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How do you get the deals?

Flight deals are sent via email and they are tailored to your departure airport preferences. It’s recommended that you select airports within a few hours from where you live to find the best deals. These emails also include flight prices from other major airports so you can potentially persuade your family and friends from other cities to join you.

Sample itineraries for Dollar Flight CLub
Examples of flight deals in my inbox.

What is included in these emails?

  • Departure airports and airfare prices
  • Best dates to fly
  • How long the deal will likely last for
  • Standard fare to the destination
  • How much you can potentially save
  • Airline(s)
  • Destination guides

What airlines can you expect to see on the email alerts?

Airlines vary but I’ve seen flights from JetBlue, British Airways, Delta, Norwegian Air Shuttle and more.

Want to get premium membership for free?

If you want the premium membership perks but don’t want to pay for it, you can qualify for a free upgrade by referring five friends to join with a referral link. If you don’t want to share a link, you can promote DFC on Instagram. Share a DFC flight deal on Instagram and when your friends sign up, you get credit.

Final Thoughts

Is Dollar Flight Club worth it? Yes, absolutely! If you want to travel more then this is one of the best ways to save money on airfare. And if you book one flight using the flight deal alert service, you can easily make your money back so it essentially pays for itself. With this membership I never miss a deal and because of it, I’ve booked flights to London for $314 round-trip and Madrid for $325 round-trip. With a $40 investment you too can save hundreds on airfare every year. Sign up for Dollar Flight Club and get started risk free with a 14-day trial.

I received a premium membership from Dollar Flight Club so that I could share my experience with you.

All opinions are my own.

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