10 Digital Nomad Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

Best digital nomad podcasts to listen to.

Digital nomad podcasts are valuable resources aspiring digital nomads and location independence enthusiasts can take advantage of. Although the shows vary, they all share the different styles of travel and the flexibility that being a digital nomad brings. These digital nomad podcasts provide tools, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of what it’s like working around the world from your laptop. You’ll get to hear from people from different backgrounds and gain insights from their stories to help you on your own journey. Here are some of our favorite digital nomad podcasts. At the end of this post, please leave us a comment and share your favorite shows. We would love to check them out and add them to this list.

Become A Digital Nomad With These Digital Nomad Podcasts

What is a digital nomad?

First, you may be wondering what a digital nomad is?

A digital nomad uses technology (WI-FI, laptop, smartphones, etc.) to fulfill their desires of location independence, entrepreneurship, and remote work. They typically travel to different locations around the world regularly while working either for an employer or themselves. Some have a home base that they return to, while others do not. Digital nomads travel continuously while earning money online.

Alright, now let’s jump into our list.

1. Digital Nomad Quest

Digital Nomad Quest, created by Sharon Tseung, educates people on financial and location freedom while building passive income. Sharon Tseung became a digital nomad in 2016, and she now shares insights on business growth and sustainability.

This podcast introduces you to the concept of passive income and proves that people can live their dream lifestyle. You’ll get tips, tools, and Sharon even has various courses to help you build a solid wealth-building foundation. Sharon also interviews other digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and early retirees who share their stories to inspire and encourage others on their financial and location independence journeys.

Instagram: @sharontseung

YouTube: Sharon Tseung

2. Badass Digital Nomads 

Badass Digital Nomads objective is to get people to free themselves from following the traditional way of living and conventional work.

Kristin Wilson, an established digital nomad, created Badass Digital Nomads to teach people how to become experts at working from anywhere. Also, being a YouTuber (Traveling with Kristin), Kristin will have you laughing while learning how to prosper in the remote economy.  

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or simply interested in becoming a digital nomad, people of all backgrounds will gain something from Badass Digital Nomads. Kristin brings on guests from different industries to speak about travel, entrepreneurship, and remote work. This weekly show will help you with self-development and teach you about living a more flexible, adventurous life. Badass Digital Nomads airs every Tuesday, so tune in if you’re interested in having more freedom through online work.  

Instagram: @travelingwithkristin

Watch this video to learn how to become a full-time digital nomad.

3. The Offbeat Life

Debbie Arcangeles is the creative mind behind The Offbeat Life. Debbie used to work a regular 9-5 job, and she is now an online entrepreneur. She uses her podcast to help people achieve freedom from corporate life and become location independent. This podcast consists of interviews with courageous people who left their typical jobs to pursue their dreams. 

Other topics discussed on the show include:

  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Creating income
  • Life-changing moments that have led guests to where they are now
  • The journey to becoming remote entrepreneurs.

The purpose of The Offbeat Life is to provide listeners with tools to change their lifestyles completely. It will give you insight on following a path that makes you happy, not only put money in your pocket.

Instagram: @theoffbeatlife

Press play and listen to this interview with Debbie on The Thought Card Podcast.

4. Location Indie

If you’re looking for insights specifically on living a location-independent lifestyle, Location Indie is for you. Jason Moore and Travis Sherry give genuine and straightforward advice on running an online business, travel, remote work, and lifestyle design. They openly share what it takes and the steps you need to achieve what they call “The Triangle Of Total Freedom.”

Jason and Travis have also built a worldwide community of people who are on their location independence journey. Discover different ways to explore the world and meet like-minded people on the same path. Joining this community will make your transition to freedom a whole lot easier and more fun.

Instagram: @locationindie

5. The Nomad on FIRE

Every Tuesday, Eric Richard releases an episode of The Nomad on FIRE. The Nomad on FIRE is all about the digital nomad lifestyle. Being a location-independent entrepreneur himself, Eric believes that there is more to life than the traditional path of attending school, working a conventional job, and retiring. His podcast encourages Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) and covers lifestyle optimization strategies. He features early retirees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and world travelers to help you design a life you love.

Instagram: @nomadonfire

6. RV Entrepreneurs

Heath Padgett and his wife, Alyssa, are well-respected RV entrepreneurs. On his weekly podcast RV Entrepreneurs, Heath speaks about all aspects of his journey, whether the struggles, lessons, or adventures of creating remote income, working from anywhere, downsizing, and more. He also interviews nomadic entrepreneurs from all backgrounds that have transitioned to RV business life.

Heath is transparent with his listeners and keeps his podcast not only informative but entertaining. The podcast doesn’t focus on making millions but instead helps people turn something they’re passionate about into a source of income that’ll make their lives more fulfilling.

Instagram: @heathandalyssa

Update August 2021: Sadly, Health and Alyssa uploaded their final episode in July 2021.

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7. Screw the 9 to 5

Started by couple Jill and Josh Stanton, Screw the 9 to 5 is a podcast that helps traditional workers switch from their typical everyday jobs to online business. Jill and Josh use their podcast to inspire and guide people to the entrepreneur path while making an impact. They answer questions, interview fellow entrepreneurs, and dish out helpful tips. They give listeners the raw, uncut truth by sharing practical advice and encouraging a positive mindset. 

Instagram: @screwtheninetofive

8. Nomad Together

Nomad Together is one of the few digital nomad resources that bring attention to the nomadic lifestyle as a family. Paul and Becky Kortman are a location-independent couple with four kids. Paul and Becky are entrepreneurs who homeschool their children while flying, sailing, and RVing across the globe. They started Nomad Together to help other families and individuals that aspire to live the digital nomad life.

They pursued the nomadic lifestyle as a couple and now as a family. Hence, they use their experiences to help others who frequently travel with their families or those considering taking the leap. They cover topics such as schooling in different locations and running a location-independent business. Location independence is possible, even with a family.

Instagram: @nomadtogether

9. Become Nomad

Host Eli David from Become Nomad is a long-time traveler and location-independent entrepreneur. Eli uses his podcast to provide digital nomads with resources while also inspiring listeners who may be interested. He provides information on how to be a successful and balanced nomad.

He focuses not only on the details of the nomadic lifestyle but also on the mindset people need to transition into any new lifestyle. In some episodes, you can hear how truthful he is while breaking down the pros and cons of remote work, traveling, and location independence. Become Nomad provides lots of practical information, whether listeners want to be nomadic or not.

Instagram: @becomenomad

10. That Remote Life

That Remote Life is a digital nomad podcast created by host Mitko Karshovski. Twice a week, Mitko drops a new episode to help people become location independent so they can live life on their terms, as he has. Keeping up with That Remote Life will help you build a business while traveling and living your dream life. Mitko covers business, lifestyle design, destination guides, and so much more. He also uncovers tips and tricks that’ll help you achieve your goals. You’ll be inspired to “quit the cubicle” after listening.

Instagram: @mitkoka

What digital nomad podcasts would you add to this list? 

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