Episode 34: Building Wealth Moving Abroad with Damien Peters

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Damien Peters is a personal finance nerd and former Facebook Product Manager who started Wealth Noir to help others build wealth and gain financial freedom. He actively invests in stocks and enjoys real estate investing. Damien currently lives in Valencia, Spain with his wife and 2-year-old son. In this episode learn how to create a wealthy lifestyle where you travel in a way that makes sense with your wealth goals.

Inspired to take a career break or an adult gap year? Get access to incredible tips that will help you afford, plan, and take a career break with the Wealth Noir Work Sabbatical Summit presented by Damien Peters. Sessions include how to find the perfect location to live abroad, how to accelerate your savings, and more.

Update January 2021: Damien has since moved back to the United States.

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The recording of this episode was sponsored by NEFE at #FinCon19.

In this episode we cover:

  • What it means to build wealth and why it is important.
  • Why Damien chose to move to Valencia, Spain with his family.
  • The factors he considered when picking a location to move abroad including healthcare, cost of living, average temperature, political economy, safety, and more.
  • How moving abroad has helped him build wealth.
  • Recommended resources for those thinking about moving abroad and becoming an expat.

Resources Mentioned:


M1 Finance


What is a Robo-Advisor and Why I Love Them

Choosing Your Expat Country

Connect with Damien Peters:

Website: https://www.wealthnoir.com/

Facebook: @wealthnoir

Instagram: @wealthnoir

Instagram (personal): therealmrpeters

Twitter: @wealthnoir

Pinterest: @wealthnoir

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