10 Cliff Views You Don’t Want to Miss

Did you get a chance to update your bucket list to include some of the amazing cliff views featured in 12 Beautiful Cliffs Around the World?

Well…if you haven’t yet, then here is your second chance. Back by popular demand, here are 10 more cliff views that you won’t want to miss.


1. Cliffs of Homhil Protected Area, Socotra Island, Yemen (Nicole of The Adventures of Lil Nicki).


Homhil on Socotra Island in Yemen

Credit: Nicole of The Adventure of Lil Nicki

This one is for anyone like me that wants to get so far off the beaten path that almost no one knows of where you’re talking about. Although it’s not advisable to visit the mainland of Yemen as of right now due to the fighting, Socotra is a world away.
Homhil on Socotra Island in Yemen

Credit: Nicole of The Adventures of Lil Nicki

The Homhil Protected Area of the island is mostly known for its abundance of Dragon’s blood, Frankincense and Acacia trees growing wildly around, but if you continue past the trees, you’ll find a crystal clear natural pool hanging on the edge of a cliff. You can go for a swim in the water (which I couldn’t pass up) or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, climb down the cliffs and make your way to the sea. The views of the Arabian Sea are unbelievable.


2. Great Ocean Road, Australia (Courtney of Jet Set Brunette)

Great Ocean Road in Australia

12 Apostles | Credit: Courtney Jones of Jet Set Brunette

The Great Ocean Road is a 250 kilometer stretch of gorgeous coastline along the south eastern tip of Australia. Dotted with picturesque small towns, this coastal drive is a dream for Instagram lovers. It’s one of those places where the photos definitely don’t do it justice; it’s surreal to experience in person.


3. Tigray Cliffs, Ethiopia (Monika of Amused Observer)

Tigray Cliffs in Ethiopia

Credit: Monika M. of Amused Observer

Huge orange and pink rocks that hide old monasteries – everything that you need for a place to become a tourist attraction, yet Tigray Cliffs is off the beaten track for most visitors to Ethiopia. The climb is steep and exhausting especially at noon when the sun is high. At times you may feel like turning back, but when you get up there, you realize it was worth all the sweating and panting – the view in front of your eyes is simply breathtaking.


4. Bryce Canyon, Utah, U.S. (Asia of Navigable World)


Credit: Asia Adams of Navigable World

What a sight to behold! The landscape out there is almost too picturesque to be real. During my hike down the Navajo Loop, I was surrounded by the most vivid oranges, reds, and greens. Spectacular rock formations, called “hoodoos” were every which way you turn. They were like nothing I had ever seen before and I don’t think I stopped snapping pictures for even a minute!


5. Cabo Girão, Madeira, Portugal (Victoria of The Girl on The Move)

Madeira Cliffs, Portugal

Credit: Victoria Dovaston of The Girl on The Move

The Portuguese island of Madeira is situated off the western coast of Africa and is a nature lover’s paradise. Just a few miles outside of the island’s capital, Funchal, is the mighty Cabo Girão – one of Europe’s highest cliff faces – standing at 580 meters above sea level. Despite nowadays being a popular lookout for visitors to the island, the menacing cliff face is still used as cultivated land by local farmers.


6. Pulpit Rock, Norway (Teanna of Sidles Adventures)

Pulpit Rock, Norway

Credit: Teanna of Sidles Adventures

If you’re looking for the most beautiful place in the world, look no further than Norway. Take your pick because you cannot go wrong here. Climbing to the top of the Pulpit Rock and looking down at the Fjords offers one of the most stunning cliff views in the world. Don’t let the 3-hour roundtrip hike scare you, I promise the view is worth it!


7. Angel’s Landing, Utah, U.S. (Jennifer of Made All The Difference)

Angel's Landing, Utah

Credit: Jennifer Melroy of Made All The Difference 

The canyon starts to narrow as the bus approaches my stop at Zion National Park in Utah, USA. I have 2.5 miles of trail and 1,500 feet of elevation to reach the top of Angel’s Landing. The hike starts out at a gentle upward climb to the base of a cliff but the last 0.5 miles is steep and rocky. I make the climb and am rewarded with an early morning view of the Zion Canyon. I spent about an hour enjoying the view and as hair-raising as the hike up was, going down was much worse.


8. Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona, USA (Cindy of Near and Far AZ

Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona

Credit: Cindy Barks of Near and Far AZ

I stumbled upon the Vermilion Cliffs recently, while driving home to Arizona from Zion National Park in Utah. Although already on overload from Zion’s natural beauty, I found myself stopping again and again to photograph the brilliant rosy-hued cliffs against the clear blue sky. It was a gorgeous road trip!


9. Bigbury Bay, Devon, UK (Sophie of Solo Sophie

Bigbury Bay, Devon, UK

Credit: Sophie Nadeau of Solo Sophie

Sand beneath my feet, salt in my hair, head in the clouds, it’s not often that I find myself speechless. Maybe it’s the beautiful scenery, more likely it’s the freezing cold water… but I am completely lost for words. You would be hard-pressed to find a more impressive stretch of coastline in the South Hams region of Devon. From the top of one of the nation’s only tidal islands to the cliffside vistas that greet you, as soon as you roll up into the car-park, Bigbury-on-Sea is not only the perfect place for a freezing winter dip but a dream destination for surfers and hikers alike.


10. Egremni Beach, Lefkada, Greece (Noemi of Pinay Flying High)

Egremni Beach in Lefkada, Greece

Credit: Noemi of Pinay Flying High

Egremni Beach is surrounded by cliffs which compliment an already mesmerizing ambiance. It can be accessed by foot which includes going down and climbing back up 347 steps or by boat. Its remoteness adds up to its rustic beauty as only a few would embark on such a journey. Sadly, the earthquake last November triggered a landslide in this part of the island which left much of the beach now covered by large boulders of rock. Heartbreaking, but I’m glad I was able to see its beauty before this tragedy.


Well, what do you think – stunning eh? Share your favorites!

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