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How to submit flight delay compensation with Click2Refund
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Did you know that you can get compensated for flight delays and airline cancellations? If you’ve experienced inconveniences while flying with a European airline or had issues departing from an EU airport (including layovers and connecting flights), you may be eligible for compensation. Although air passenger rights vary from country to country, laws and regulations advocate for us. Staying informed and knowing your passenger rights is important. This is why I have teamed up with Click2Refund to share the most common instances where you’re entitled to as much as €600 for the loss of time and the inconveniences caused by flight disruptions.

This is blog post is made possible by Click2Refund. All thoughts shared are my own.

My Experience Submitting Claims For Airline Compensation In Europe

In 2018, I visited Oslo, Norway, and on the return trip, I experienced my first flight cancellation. After a flight delay of almost five hours, the airline notified us that our 4 p.m. flight from Oslo to New York City was canceled. This was extremely stressful because I was expected to be at work the next day.

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The attendants reassured us that our rescheduled flight would leave Oslo the following day, but we wouldn’t arrive in New York City until early afternoon. Although the airline comped my meals and hotel room for the night, the entire process was a nightmare. I did not get to my hotel room until midnight.

A few weeks later, I discovered that airline passengers have rights (this was news to me!) and some companies specialize in helping us get compensated for flight delays and cancellations. I checked to see if my canceled flight was eligible, and to my surprise, it was. In two months, the airline awarded me €600.

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Introducing Click2Refund

A Flight Delay Compensation Company

Dedicated to protecting airline passenger rights, Click2Refund is a flight delay compensation company that helps travelers fight for compensation when they encounter any inbound, outbound, or transfer issues in Europe.

If you’ve experienced a flight delay, cancellation, missed connection, or denied boarding, Click2Refund takes care of all of the necessary legal paperwork, so you don’t have to go up against the airlines alone. Airlines are notorious for drawing out the process, denying, or ignoring mismanagement claims submitted by individuals. They’re betting that you’ll forget about your losses or get overwhelmed.

So how does Click2Refund work?

The Click2Refund team works on a “no win, no fee” basis which means that they only get paid when they win your case. If your case goes to court in Europe, they will defend you – they’ll even cover all of the associated costs. Payouts range from €250 to €600 per claim. The firm has a 98% success rate, and most people receive their funds within 90 days. It may take longer if your case goes to court.

How To Submit Claims

Getting started with Click2Refund is simple.

Enter your flight information into the flight delay compensation calculator and check to see if you are eligible. This process takes a few minutes. With a supportive team available to answer your questions, you will be kept in the loop every step of the way. Again, there’s no payment required until Click2Refund wins your case. At that point, they’ll take a well-deserved 25% commission.

Eligibility For Flight Compensation

Flight Delays and Cancellations

Under the European Regulation Air Passenger Rights EC261/2004, if your flight has been delayed for more than three hours due to plane maintenance, staff availability, or runway congestion, you may be eligible for compensation due to the inconvenience caused by the airline. How much you receive depends on the length of your delay and the distance traveled.

The European legislation EC 261 holds airlines financially responsible for disruptions that are within their control. Under “extraordinary circumstances” like political unrest or inclement weather, you are ineligible to receive compensation for losses.

All passengers (even if you aren’t a European citizen) leaving from a European airport or flying with a European carrier are covered. Some passengers flying into Europe may be covered as well.

Here’s what you can expect if you experience flight delays:

  • €250 for a three hour delay
  • €400 for a three to four hour delay
  • €600 for a four or more hour delay

If your delay exceeds five hours, you can get a full refund or claim up to €600. Canceled flights up to 14 days before departure may get a full refund as well.

Generally claims are valid for up to six years, however, every European country has its parameters. For example, Germany has a 3-year threshold, while Sweden only accepts claims within two months of the incident.

Flight Delay Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Is flight delay compensation per person?

Each passenger is entitled to flight delay compensation.

Can I get compensated if I booked through a travel agency or my employer?

Regardless of who purchases the ticket, the passenger who suffered the inconvenience is entitled to payment.

How is compensation calculated?

The longer the flight, the more you can get – up to €600.

Is compensation taxable?

No, compensation payments are not taxable.

Is flight delay compensation worth it?

Yes, absolutely! Especially when you have a flight delay compensation company like Click2Refund simplifying the process for you.

Overall with a 98% success rate for accepted claims, Click2Refund is one of the best companies for Europe flight delay compensation. I recommend checking to see if any of your delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights while traveling in or from Europe within the last six years are eligible for compensation. You never know what pot of money is waiting for you. Go ahead and claim what’s yours!

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