Cheapest Flight Deals Ever Booked: 15 travel bloggers share their stories

One of the best ways to save money on travel is to find flight deals. I absolutely love cheap flights and if you’re lucky (or know where to look), you can save hundreds possibly thousands.

I’ve booked quite a few flight deals, but the cheapest flight I’ve ever booked was a $276 USD round-trip ticket from New York to Stockholm, Sweden. I couldn’t believe that I found such a great deal to Europe. This inspired me to ask 15 travel bloggers to share their success stories.

I wanted to know the cheapest flight they’ve ever booked and their responses were out of this world!

From last-minute flight deals to booking months in advance, the important takeaway is to keep your eyes peeled. You never know when a great deal is coming your way.

As a sequel to this post, I also invited 12 travel bloggers to share the cheapest flights booked with miles and points, their stories are impressive!


Cheapest Flights to Africa

Rome to Marrakesh for $9 USD

by The World Pursuit

Photo By The World Pursuit
Riding camels in Morocco (photo by The World Pursuit)

We were sitting in Cappadocia, Turkey on the day of American Thanksgiving. After calling our loved ones back home to wish them Happy Thanksgiving we saw a banner for Ryanair “Black Friday Specials.”  Usually we avoid these annoying advertisements but this time we thought “What the heck!” After a few minutes on the site we found a flight from Rome to Marrakech for $9 USD! Flights usually cost about $100-$140 USD. We booked it without thinking twice and traveled right after the new year in January 2016. We ended up spending six weeks in Morocco!

Make sure to check out 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Morocco if you’re planning a trip anytime soon.

Cheapest Flights to Asia

Singapore to Bangkok for 43 SGD

by Bernard The Traveller

As I had decided to plan my trip to Bangkok and cross the borders into Cambodia, I checked Air Asia to find the cheapest one-way flight. As my trip was about 6 months later, I was able to get an extremely cheap price. My flight from Singapore to Bangkok, without any meals and any check-in luggage, cost me SGD 43 ($32 USD).

6 Flights around Asia for $115 USD

by Wander with Jo

I came across the awesome Air Asia Asean pass 2 years ago when I was in Indonesia. My friends (fellow expats) had used it and were raving about it – I mean, hey, you can’t really go all over Asia for just around $115 USD, right? Well, that’s the beauty of this pass. 

I booked my flights in August last year and took 6 flights across 3 countries for this price tag. You need to be very flexible with dates and destinations. Literally, I had a whole month free so I just looked at the tickets and whatever was available under the pass, I grabbed it. During this month I made it from Indonesia to Bangkok, then Cambodia and back to Indonesia whilst seeing a few cities. You can check out my detailed itinerary with dates and tips on how to book.

Chicago to Tokoyo for $450 USD

The World Incorporated

My husband and I booked a round-trip ticket from Chicago to Japan for only $450 USD. The return flight was direct. We booked the trip spontaneously in March for travel in May. A few days after securing this flight deal, the same fare rose to an astonishing $2,050 USD. I’ve never seen such an affordable deal to Asia from the Midwest.

My secret for booking this deal? Flexibility. We had no intentions to travel to Japan or take vacation days in May. We merely found the deal from an email alert in Skyscanner, decided it was worth it, and booked it a couple of hours later. I went to bed that night with dreams of shrines and sushi.

Mumbia to Bangkok for $90 USD

by Voyager

Grand Temple in Bangkok (photo by Voyager)

It was the month of February and we were planning for our wedding anniversary outing. Normally we make sure that we travel away from home on every anniversary. Yes, our anniversary was still about 10 months away, but we like to plan early and were looking at various options which could fit our budget. While browsing, a window popped up with an ad from Air Asia offering some amazing prices! We looked up the destinations and finally settled on Bangkok. The fare was a steal! What would have normally set us back by about $200 USD for the return flight from Mumbai to Bangkok was $90 USD.

Warsaw to Bangkok for $75 USD

by Karolina Patryk Blog

Photo by Karolina Patryk Blog
Universal Studios in Bangkok! (Photo by Karolina Patryk Blog) 

I know it sounds crazy and unbelievable, but we actually bought one-way direct flights from Warsaw, Poland to Bangkok, Thailand for $75 USD only! The standard price for this route is $300 USD.

How did we manage to buy it so cheaply? We were just lucky. We found this deal on the Fly4Free. It was a last-minute flight. We bought it 2 weeks before our departure. It is also worth to mention that it wasn’t possible to return to Europe at the same price. Anyway, we had a great time in Thailand. It was worth it to spontaneously buy these tickets. Sometimes its good to just go wild and do something crazy!

Cheapest Flights to Europe

New York to Oslo for £103

by Two Scots Abroad

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (photo by Two Scots Abroad)

Craig has spent a large proportion of this career break traveling the Americas and Europe on Skyscanner, hunting down the best flight deals. One of his finest moments was catching a New York to Oslo, Norway flight for £103 ($152 USD). To put that into perspective, we can’t even get a train from Edinburgh, Scotland to London, England for less than £70 ($103 USD).

The overnight Dreamliner with Norwegian Airlines kicked started the Europe leg of our trip, however Norway wasn’t our final destination (£7 / $10 USD for a pint, no thanks) – Hungary’s capital was, and Budapest day trips too (£1.10 / $1.60 USD for a beer, that’s more like it)!

Eindhoven to Stockholm for €6

by Probe Around the Globe

Me and my friend wanted to attend an event in Norway. Flights to Norway were so expensive but we managed to book 2 return tickets from Netherlands to Stockholm, Sweden for €6 with Ryanair. We didn’t check in any bags but showed up at the airport with all our winter clothes on. We were hot and uncomfortable, but we did have a great time because we felt like we were flying for free! Check out more of my budget tips! 

Los Angeles to London for $240 USD

by Forks And Footprints

Venice, Italy (photo by Forks and Footprints)

I bought this ticket about 2 days before going, like always! I’m such a last-minute flight taker. I got the $240 USD one-way flight from checking Skyscanner relentlessly! I was trying to get from LAX to Europe for the cheapest price I could find, ultimately making my way to Venice, Italy to housesit. Luckily, I had a friend in London and was able to crash with her for a few days before hopping on a cheap flight to Venice. I love Norwegian Air, great food, movie selection and comfy seats!

Cheapest Flights to Middle East

Los Angeles (USA) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) for $274 USD

by Traveling Well For Less

Sandboarding in Dubai (by Traveling Well for Less)

In December 2013, a Norwegian travel agency offered cheap flights to Europe, India, Africa and the United Arab Emirates. The fares were crazy cheap, like ridiculous, “you need to buy these now or you’ll regret it” cheap. Because I’m a big fare junkie and love flying, I bit. And I bit hard. I bought several flight deals: New York to Milan for $157 USD round-trip, New York to Dubai for $274 USD round-trip, and Los Angeles to Dubai for $274 USD round-trip.

Each ticket was booked directly from the travel agency’s website. Not only were the flights cheap, but I also earned United Airlines miles. If that wasn’t awesome enough, I was able to do a status match: United matched my American Airlines Executive Platinum status to their United 1K status. So not only did I get to fly for cheap, visit some great places but I also earned a ton of miles. I also had a little fun and in Dubai when I went sandboarding for the first time.

Cheapest Flights to Central America

Ft. Lauderdale (USA) to Guatemala City (Guatemala) for $90 USD

by The Two Week Traveler

A few years ago I was at work and got a phone call from my friend. He found a flight that was $9 USD each way from Ft. Lauderdale to Guatemala City (about $90 USD after taxes). Guatemala hadn’t ever been on my radar, but we booked the flight because it was impossible to pass up at that price.

It was on Spirit Airlines back before they became the no-frills, charge for everything airline they are now. All we had to do was book through their website. We flew in relative comfort to Guatemala and spent Monday-Friday in Antigua and Lake Atitlan exploring cobblestone streets, lakeside towns, and zip-lining across mountains. I fell in love with Guatemala and went back a year later to explore more of the country!

Milwaukee (USA) to Cancun (Mexico) for $89 USD

by Getting Stamped

Walking through 5th Ave at Playa del Carmen (photo by Getting Stamped)

The cheapest flight I’ve ever taken in North America was booked on a whim 5 days in advance from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Cancun, Mexico. I was in Mexico this past January 2016 when I booked the flight. I fell in love with Playa del Carmen that I decided to move down there for 4 months!

Cheapest Flights to North America

Taipei (Taiwan) to Denver (Colorado) for $200 USD

by Sushiyama Travels

Earlier this year, in May, an outrageous flight deal popped up on my Twitter feed from @SecretFlying. It was a round trip flight from Taipei, Taiwan to Denver, Colorado for only $200 in December. Since I knew I would already be in Asia at that time and would need to get back to the US for the holidays, I booked it. A one-way ticket to the West Coast from Asia can cost $600+ and a round-trip ticket can cost $900+. What a steal!

Cheapest Flights to South America

Venice (Italy) to Santiago de Chile (Chile) for €600

by Chronic Wanderlust

On the road (photo by Chronic Wanderlust)

I’ve always wanted to go to Chile, but I never really looked for flights because I knew from my dad that flights were pretty expensive. I first saw flight deals to Santiago de Chile on a last-minute website for June. I checked other dates and the prices were €600 round-trip, these flights can cost up to €2,000! I booked three months in advance and will be staying for four weeks!

Amsterdam (Netherlands) to São Paulo (Brazil) for €463

Photo by Inspiring Travellers
Piranha fishing in the Pantanal. They were delicious! (photo by Inspiring Travellers)

In February of 2013, I traveled to Brazil with Delta Airlines on an open-jaw ticket that I purchased a month before. I flew from Amsterdam to São Paulo and returned back to Amsterdam from Rio, with an extra 2 days in New York, all for €463! Normally, tickets (excluding the New York stopover) cost at least double that, especially since this was during Carnival.

Besides the 2 days in New York, I spend 3 weeks in Brazil visiting the carnival in São Paulo, Iguazu Falls, Bonito and of course Rio the Janeiro.

What’s the cheapest flight deals YOU’ve ever booked?

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24 replies
  1. Alexei Gaynanov says:

    Great post! There is nothing like getting a great bargain on flights – especially if it’s really spontaneous. My top ones would have to be London-Melbourne for under £500, or London-New York, New York-Toronto and Toronto-London all in one ticket for £500.

  2. Rachel Simmet says:

    Wow some of these make me real jealous. I just booked a flight from Vancouver (Canada) to Dublin (Ireland) for just over $400. I thought that was amazing!

  3. Susanna Kelly says:

    Wow, those are some amazing deals! I’ll have to admit since I moved to Europe I’ve been enjoying the luxury of weekend getaways just around Europe for super cheap, but some of these cover some serious distance.

  4. Cassie @ Cass Travels says:

    These are some amazing deals! I remember years ago as a student you could get 1eur flights on Ryanair if you were really lucky. Sadly I don’t often see those so cheaply anymore.

  5. Paige Brown says:

    Dang these are some great deals! I need to keep all this flexibility in mind when I try to make my travel plans. I wish that the U.S. had great budget airlines like RyanAir and such…

  6. Andrea Berkholtz says:

    Ok, all of these made me REALLLLLY jealous! And I had no idea there was a Universal Studios in BKK!!?!?!? I wish I wouldve known about the Air Asia Asean pass before we booked all of our flights for our upcoming trip!

  7. Travel Pockets says:

    OMG! Is that deal from Chicago to Japan real!??!!? That is the best deal I have ever seen to Japan from the states 🙂

  8. Jess says:

    Holy cow!!! Those are real steals! I had a r/t flight for $434 that I found via
    San Francisco, USA–> Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur back to San Francisco.

  9. Grassroots Nomad says:

    Bargain!!! It is my dream to one day get an error fair ticket. I guess when you have a bit more flexibility you are always able to grab a sale fare when it comes available. Great inspiration!!

  10. Tales From a Fork travel blog says:

    What amazing prices! I’m definitely going to keep an eye out on Ryanair sales after this. Thanks!

  11. Megan Claire says:

    Some of these flight deals are incredible! I recently saw one on Virgin Atlantic advertising Australia – LAX for $200 return – was an error fare.

  12. Geert @ Inspiring Travellers says:

    Hey Danielle, thx for including me in this awesome deal fest, I certainly learned about some new apps and websites to check out next time I fly!


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