Debt free travel tips -- how to travel without going into debt.

Debt-Free Vacation Planning: 10 Ways To Travel Without Going Into Debt – Episode 143

How to avoid getting into debt while traveling, budget travel tips, and strategies for budgeting for travel and paying for a vacation with cash. After a few years sans travel, many people are re-prioritizing travel again and subsequently getting…
Bianca Alba on becoming debt free, budgeting, saving money and traveling while paying off debt.

Becoming Debt Free and Moving To Puerto Rico with Bianca Alba – Episode 131

An inspiring story of becoming debt free, mindset shifts for better managing your finances, and living in Puerto Rico with Bianca Alba from This Latina Travels Podcast. Bianca Alba is a proud Latina on a mission to inspire more Latinas…
Debt-free travel with Cinneah El Amin founder of Flynanced.

Paying Off $23,000 in 12 Months and Travel Debt-Free With Cinneah El-Amin – Episode 82

Cinneah El-Amin (pronounced: sin-ee-AH el-AH-meen) is the founder of Flynanced, an online personal finance platform that teaches Black women who are blowing money fast early in their careers how to manage their money NOW. Since paying off $23,000…